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Team Building Activities

TBAE specialises in coordinating and facilitating interactive corporate team building activities, with programs designed to promote team spirit and a participative culture. TBAE is renowned for the design and delivery of unique, innovative, fun and memorable events, customised to meet each client’s individual needs, agenda and budget.

Group Team Building ActivitiesGroup Team Building Activities
The group team building activities are the most cost effective of the activities that TBAE offers. Most of these activities can be done at any venue with adequate outdoor or indoor space. TBAE can arrange a team building venue or facilitate the team building event at your own venue. The group activities are designed to enhance team work through fun and interactive team building exercises... 

Group activities offered by TBAE:

Indoor Team Building ActivitiesIndoor Team Building Activities
Team buildings events are not limited to outdoor activities. TBAE offers fun and exciting indoor activities aimed at enhancing team work and communication within the group. These low intensity activities can be done at most team building venues depending on the size of your group. These activities are also easily facilitated at your own venue...

Indoor activities offered by TBAE:

Outcome Based Team Building ActivitiesOutcome Based Team Building Activities
TBAE’s specific outcome based team building activities are geared towards the participants achieving specific learning outcomes from the team building event. Learning outcomes are statements that describe what a participant will be able to do as a result of the activity. Clearly stated learning outcomes help team members understand what is expected of them and helps the facilitator to focus on precisely what you want your team to achieve by the end of the team building event...

Outcome based activities offered by TBAE:

Team Building Activities for SchoolsTeam Building Activities for Schools
TBAE offers interactive team building activities for schools that are adventurous, but safe. One of the best features of our activities is that everybody is able to participate, no matter their fitness level or physical abilities. Our team building events for schools are ideal for getting your group of teachers to work together more effectively, or to help a group of students to get to know each other better while having a fun time...

Softs Skills Training CoursesSoft Skills Training Courses and Motivational Speaking
TBAE’s skills training courses focus on behavioral competencies for improved interpersonal skills. These interpersonal skills are essential for building relationships of trust, empathy, and productive interactions within your team. TBAE offers 70 skills training courses including courses such as anger management, conflict resolution, change management, creative problem solving, organizational skills, personal productivity, people skills, stress management and work-life balance...

Softs Skills Courses offered by TBAE:

Corporate EntertainmentCorporate Entertainment / Leisure Activities
Corporate entertainment and leisure activities aimed at entertaining clients, rewarding or motivating your team. These activities are mostly venue specific and subject to availability…

Corporate entertainment activities:

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