Jul 212016
Encouraging Your Team Members

“When you encourage others, you in the process are encouraged because you’re making a commitment and difference in that person’s life. Encouragement really does make a difference.” – Zig Ziglar Your team members should never feel that they are merely a resource. A resource is something you use as long as it is functional. When […]

Jul 072016
Challenging the Process as a Team Leader

“The manager accepts the status quo; the leader challenges it.” – Warren Bennis Far too often, we cling to what is familiar, even if what we cling to is known to be inadequate. Most large groups are governed by the law of inertia: if it takes effort to change something, nothing will change. As a […]

Jun 302016
Team Building Quotes From Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking is a theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author and director of research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology within the University of Cambridge. Hawkings was the first to set forth a theory of cosmology explained by a union of the general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. He is a vigorous supporter of the many-worlds […]

Jun 232016
Helping Your Team Deal With Mistakes

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” – Scott Adams No matter how well your team prepares or what precautions they take, mistakes will happen. Mistakes are an essential part of life. Without them, it is not possible to fully grow and learn. When mistakes do occur, the […]

Jun 092016
Reaching Team Goals by Improving Productivity

“Stressing output is the key to improving productivity, while looking to increase activity can result in just the opposite.” – Paul Gauguin Improving time management strategies will help increase your team’s productivity. By improving productivity, your team will find it easier to reach their goals. Increased productivity takes time. However, as your team begins to […]

May 262016
2016 Summer Olympics in Rio

It is once again time for the Summer Olympics. This major international multi-sport event will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 5th to 21st of August 2016. Rio is the first South American country to host the Summer Olympics. A record number of teams are participating in a record number of sports in […]

May 192016
Team Building Quotes From Mohammad Ali

Mohammad Ali is an American former professional boxer, generally considered among the greatest heavyweights in the history of the sport. He is one of the most recognized sports figures in the past 100 years and was crowned “Sportsman of the Century” by Sports Illustrated and “Sports Personality of the Century” by the BBC. Ali remains […]

May 122016
Help Your Team Reach Their Goals Through Wise Time Management

In a team, time management is the key to reaching goals. Without proper time management, it is easy for the team to become sidetracked by unimportant tasks that do not help them reach their goals. By encouraging your team to follow the following strategies, you will be helping your team navigate their time wisely. Determine […]