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Apr 302015
The Importance of Discernment for Team Leaders

  Are you a discerning leader? When faced with complex issues, can you readily identify the heart of a matter? Discernment is the ability to find the root of a matter through intuition and rational thought. Discernment is an indispensable quality for team leaders that want to maximize their effectiveness. Discernment Uncovers Root Issues The […]

Apr 232015
The Importance of Courage for Team Leaders

When a team leader is willing to make courageous decisions, significant progress is made by the team. Leadership positions cannot give a person courage, but courage can give a person a leadership position. One of the things that all effective leaders have in common is the willingness to take risks. Courage Comes From Within the […]

Apr 092015
The Importance of Competence for Team Leaders

We all admire people who are highly competent in what they are doing, whether they are a precision craftsman, world class athletes or successful businessmen. To be recognized by your team as a leader, you need a high degree of competence. The better you are at what you do, the greater potential you will have […]

Apr 022015
The Importance of Communication for Team Leaders

Team leaders have to get things done through the team. The team leader, therefore, has to have the ability to inspire, motivate, guide, direct and listen. Communication makes it possible for the team to internalize the team leader’s vision and implement the vision. Your team will not follow you if they are not sure what […]

Mar 272015
The Importance of Commitment for Team Leaders

You cannot be an effective team leader without commitment. There has never been a great leader that was not committed. Commitment is a leadership quality that inspires and attracts people. It shows that the leader has convictions and that the leader believes in the cause. A team will buy into the team leader before they […]

Mar 122015
The Importance of Charisma for Team Leaders

Charisma is a characteristic that draws people to you. Although it is often believed that you are either born with charisma or not, it is in fact a characteristic that can be developed. As a team leader, how charismatic would you rate yourself? Are people naturally attracted to you? Most common roadblocks to charisma are […]

Mar 052015
The Importance of Character for Team Leaders

As a leader at home, at work or in the community, character is your most important asset. Character determines how a team leader deals with the circumstance of life. Whenever a team leader encounter’s a crisis, the character of the leader is revealed. There are two primary responses when adversity hits; the leader can either […]

Jan 292015
The Importance of Selflessness in Teamwork

If you want to contribute positively towards the success of your team, it is important that you place others ahead of yourself. You have to be willing sometimes to take the backseat to other team members. Teams only succeed when its team members are prepared to place other team members above themselves. Being selfless is […]