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Murder Mystery Team Building Activity

Murder MysteryTeam Building Event
Murder Mystery Team Building Activity


TBAE’s Murder Mystery team building activity is an entertaining way for your team to get to know each other as they work together to solve the mystery.
Our Murder Mystery games are usually played over a meal but can be just as effective without it. The meal can range from simple snacks or even breakfast to five course meals (depending on your budget) and will be provided by the venue that you choose.

Leading up to the Murder Mystery event the organizer will receive the character scripts to be distributed only to the participants who are going to portray the specific characters (unique to each theme). All the other participants will be investigators and it will be their task to unravel the mystery.

On the day of the event, TBAE will provide a host of costumes and dress up accessories suitable for all shapes and sizes, which includes wigs, make up and murderous accessories. This eliminates the hassle of getting delegates to trundle costumes along with them and ensures equal participation levels. The participants are seated for the event all dressed up – everyone dresses up including all the investigators.

A "murder" is announced, and the fun begins as each person tries to prove their innocence by proving someone else at their table guilty. This becomes an excuse for the participants to enter a period, during which they tend to reveal the biggest lot of fabrications, deceit and cover-ups imaginable. Your Murder Mystery facilitator will take the guests through the game on the day step by step.

The facilitator will set the stage for the Murder Mystery theme and entertaining instructions are given for each stage of the activity, so there will be no doubt about anything, other than finding out who is guilty of murder.

Some possible outcomes of the Murder Mystery team building activity include teamwork, communication, leadership, cooperation, goal setting, creative thinking, decision making, problem solving, resilience, time management and trust.

TBAE offers the following entertaining Murder Mystery games:

Murder Mystery Theme - Death is a Cabernet Ol Chum

Death is a Cabernet, Ol’ Chum
Malcolm Melee’s body was found at the bottom of the stairs in his winery, was it a tragic accident or murder? Featuring characters such as Pierre LaPaine - Winemaster, Renee Melee – Malcolm’s only child, Stan Milton – Owner of Milt-Mart Stores, Nina Grigio – Writer for Wine Line magazine, Carter Cabot – Owner of Cabot Vineyards, Sue Veneer – Gift shop manager, Ben Breakfast – Innkeeper and Leelah Eagle – Attorney at law.

Murder Mystery - Hulas and Homicide

Hulas and Homicide
Hula legend Winnie Waheli gave many people a reason to want to see her dead. This morning, her body was found on Kikiwai Beach. Featuring characters such as Leia Lailani – Champion hula dancer,  Pono Pahu – Drummer,  Mitch Awave – Aging surfer, Hanna Hobart – Amateur hula champion, Norm Room – Owner of the Kikiwai Queen Hotel, Minnie Molawi – Chief assistant judge, Mort Barks – Emcee if the event and Flora Fauna – Florist.

Murder Mystery - Murder is par for the course Murder Is Par For The Course
On the 18th tee at Porous Pines Country Club, regional champ Holin Wunn met his demise. The gallery was shocked when he collapsed the middle of his backswing. Featuring characters such as Birdie Bigelow – Professional Golfer, Toten Klubs – Wunn’s Long-time Caddie, Carrie Bagshot – Bigelow’s Caddie, Nemo Brandt – CEO of Sadasi Sports Gear, Sandy Trapini – President of Porous Pines Golf Club, Macon Green – Greenskeepeer
Murder Mystery - Death Bemoans Her Death Bemoans Her
When a body was found in the river, it threw a damper on the meeting of the Gazillionaire Girls Group. Was it indeed murder? Featuring characters such as Bertha Brothert – Founder and Chairwoman of Bertha Brothert Enterprises, Madame Magda - Fortuneteller, Anita Parr – Professional golfer, Cher Kolate – Candy heiress, Kay Ponworkin – President of Girl Power Employment Agency, Stella Story – Writer of children’s books, Penny Holdem – Professional poker player, Petter Bittler – Singer and actress, Rita von Sueman – Trial lawyer extraordinaire, Belle Rider – Cowgirl and rodeo star and Captain Cora Agees – Skipper of “The Perfection”.

Murder Mystery - Happy Deathday To You Happy Deathday to You
When the huge birthday cake at Ronald Stump’s 50th birthday party exploded, foul play was suspected. Who would murder the billionaire? Featuring characters such as Elena Stump – Stumps Romanian trophy wife and former Miss Galaxy, Wolfpack Ruck – World-renowned chef, T. Bone Perkins – Billionaire energy tycoon, Polly Darken – Country and western singer, Willomena Sorrens – Tennis player, Garibaldi Roody – Mayor of New Metro, Zack Muckenburg – Young internet entrepreneur, Tris Makinmoney – Professional poker player,  Michele Millions – Fitness guru and Nora Rabbitt – Gossip columnist.

Murder Mystery - Murder Plays A Sour Note Murder Plays A Sour Note
When the lights went out at the Pitz Supper Club as 1955 was rolling in, a killer took aim at an unsuspecting victim. Figure out what happened and solve the case. Featuring characters such as Lou Gumbardo – Band leader of “The Loyal Geraniums”, Roxy Romano – Owner of The Pitz and former dancer, Giovanni Fishi – Reputed mob boss, Mary Rose Looney – Songstress, Sammy Fenetra – Singer, Betty “Boom Boom” Baxter – Drummer, Tony “Ivory” Ivanski – Pianist, Shirley Fedora – Hat check girl, Richmond Dalley – Mayor of the city.
Murder Mystery - Death Ahoy Death Ahoy
Cruise Director Sunny Sails knew a lot about the passengers. When she was found murdered, who could guess what scandals died with her? Featuring characters such as Lou Cruise – Travel agent, Molly Rotter – Professional speaker and cruise aficionado, Becky Messer – Jewelry designer, Rhoda Blogger – Billionaire real estate tycoon, Harv Carver – Poker chip collector and cruise ship gambler.


Recent Murder Mystery Team Building Events

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Debswana in Cape Town
Webber Wentzel in Johannesburg
South African Reserve Bank
Sanlam Life Insurance
Synexus Clinical Research in Somerset West
Capfin at Hillcrest Quarry in Durbanville
Old Mutual ERm in Overberg
Randeor School in Johannesburg
Personal Trust in Cape Town
FFG Risk Solutions in Centurion
Lion Roars in Stellenbosch
JHI Retail at Houw Hoek Inn
Allan Gray in Franschhoek
Novartis at Glenburn Lodge
Rautenbach & van Niekerk
Idexx Laboratories in Bela-Bela
Allan Gray at Devonvale Golf and Wine Estate
Massmart at Indaba Hotel in Fourways
Swiss RE at Century City Conference Centre

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Dressing for Murder Mystery Team Building
Murder Mystery Team Building
Murder Mystery Team Building
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Murder Mystery Props
All dressed up for Murder Mystery Team Building
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