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Tribal Survivor Challenge Team Building Activities in Pretoria

TBAE’s Tribal Survivor Challenge team building activity in Pretoria is loosely based on the popular Tribal Survivor television series. This team building activity is highly interactive, offering loads of fun and excitement. The event starts with the participants being divided into tribes, with each tribe having to choose their name. The tribe also then needs to come up with a flag and a war cry that depicts the name of their tribe. The tribes then present these in front of each other, after which they have to compete against each other in a number of different activities. After each activity, the losing tribe loses a life and has one of their torches extinguished.

Some of the team building exercises that form part of the Tribal Survivor Challenge include Incubator, Memory Tester, Blindfolded into the Unknown, Mini Raft Building, Bhati, Spider’s Web and Gumboot Dancing ...more about the Tribal Survivor Challenge team building activity

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Some of TBAE's Recent Tribal Survivor Challenge Team Building Events in Pretoria

Nandos Tribal  Survivor Challenge Team Building Event in PretoriaNandos Tribal Survivor Challenge Team Building Event in Pretoria - Nando's is an international casual dining restaurant chain originating with a Mozambican/Portuguese theme. Founded in 1987, Nando's operates about 1,000 outlets in 30 countries. Nando's specializes in chicken dishes with lemon and herb, mango and lime, medium, hot, extra hot or extra extra hot peri-perimarinades. In some countries, Nando's has other flavour options such as Mediterranean. This event was the first time TBAE facilitated a team building event for Nandos. It was held Meulstrom Lodge in Bronkhorstspruit, and ideal venue for TBAE's Tribal Survivor themed outdoor team building event. This group delivered their war cries with great fun, and the team building exercises were also participated with much laughter. ...more about the Nandos Tribal Survivor Challenge event

Sasol Tribal  Survivor Challenge Team Building Event in PretoriaSasol Tribal Survivor Challenge Team Building Event in Pretoria - Sasol had a successful Tribal Survivor Team Building event facilitated by TBAE in Bronkhorstspruit. Sasol is a global integrated chemical and energy company that leverages the skill and expertise of over  34 000 people working in 37 countries.  They develop and commercialise technologies, and create and manage world-scale facilities to provide a variety of product streams, including high-value chemicals, liquid fuels and low-carbon electricity. Sasol’s Tribal Survivor Team Building took place at Meulstroom Lodge in Bronkhorstspruit which combines nature`s tranquillity with the convenience of modern facilities. This creates a truly special atmosphere for groups to meet, work or relax together.  Visitors enjoy  the peaceful surroundings, clean fresh air and feel ready to tackle work, conferences or teambuilding activites . Tribal Survivor Challenge is an exciting, fun, lively and interactive team building event based on the theme of the well-known television series...more about the Sasol Tribal Survivor Challenge event

Dr Olga Coetzee Tribal Survivor Challenge Team Building Event in PretoriaDr Olga Coetzee Tribal Survivor Challenge Team Building Event in Pretoria - Dr. Olga Coetzee is one of the latest companies to join the Tribal Survivor team building event offered by TBAE. Dr. Olga Coetzee Private Practice enables personal growth and interpersonal relationships, and developing opportunities and abundance thinking. Dr. Olga Coetzee believes the key enablers of organisational performance to be relationships, engagement, development and personal wellbeing. They have extensive experience in organisational development (specifically leadership coaching and development, and culture transformation) in the financial services, IT, mining, government, communications, labour brokering and health services industries....more about the Dr Olga Coetzee Tribal Survivor team building event


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