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Team Building Activities in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban

TBAE specialises in coordinating and facilitating interactive corporate team building activities throughout South Africa inlcuding Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban. With programs designed to promote team spirit and a participative culture, TBAE is renowned for the design and delivery of unique, innovative, fun and memorable events, customised to meet each client’s individual needs, agenda and budget.

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Virtual Team Building Events - Remote Team Building
TBAE will customize a virtual team building event for your remote team in line with the desired outcomes, values and ethos of your company and number of remote staff to participate in the event...


Our Newest Team Building Activities

Our Newest Team Building Activities

TBAE is constantly developing new team building activities, the following are some of our newest activities...

Group Team Building Activities

Group Team Building Activities

The group team building activities are the most cost effective of the activities that TBAE offers. Most of these activities can be done at any venue with adequate outdoor or indoor space. TBAE can arrange a team building venue or facilitate the team building event at your own venue. The group activities are designed to enhance team work through fun and interactive team building exercises... 

Group activities offered by TBAE:
Outdoor Team Building Activities

Outdoor Team Building Activities

TBAE offers fun and exciting outdoor team building activities aimed at enhancing team work and communication within the group. These outdoor activities can be done at most team building venues depending on the size of your group. These activities are also easily facilitated at your own venue if your venue has a suitable outdoor space available...

Outdoor activities offered by TBAE:

Indoor Team Building Activities

Indoor Team Building Activities

Team buildings events are not limited to outdoor activities. TBAE offers fun and exciting indoor activities aimed at enhancing team work and communication within the group. These low intensity activities can be done at most team building venues depending on the size of your group. These activities are also easily facilitated at your own venue...

Indoor activities offered by TBAE:

Outcome Based Team Building Activities

Outcome Based Team Building Activities

TBAE’s specific outcome based team building activities are geared towards the participants achieving specific learning outcomes from the team building event. Learning outcomes are statements that describe what a participant will be able to do as a result of the activity. Clearly stated learning outcomes help team members understand what is expected of them and helps the facilitator to focus on precisely what you want your team to achieve by the end of the team building event...

Outcome based activities offered by TBAE:

Escape Room Team Building Activities

Escape Room Team Building Activities

TBAE has a variety of different themed Escape Room Team Building Activities that offer an unforgettable experience. The short explanation of a Escape Room activity is that the participants are locked into themed rooms and they then need to work-out all the hidden clues and overcome some pressurised tasks so that they can escape the locked room before the 60-minute timer hits zero...
Escape Room activities offered by TBAE:
Charity Team Building Activities

Charity Team Building Activities

One of the best ways to build a team and bring a team together is to help them help others. Charity team building activities give back to the community and teach your team the skills needed to function as a high-performing  team. These activities will enable the participants to discover the significance of engaging their hearts in their work together. Team members complete challenges and overcome obstacles together in order to earn or create items for the giveback recipients...
Charity team building activities offered by TBAE:

Team Building Activities for Schools

Team Building Activities for Schools

TBAE offers interactive team building activities for schools that are adventurous, but safe. One of the best features of our activities is that everybody is able to participate, no matter their fitness level or physical abilities. Our team building events for schools are ideal for getting your group of teachers to work together more effectively, or to help a group of students to get to know each other better while having a fun time...

Softs Skills Training Courses

Soft Skills Training Courses and Motivational Speaking

TBAE’s skills training courses focus on behavioral competencies for improved interpersonal skills. These interpersonal skills are essential for building relationships of trust, empathy, and productive interactions within your team. TBAE offers 70 skills training courses including courses such as anger management, conflict resolution, change management, creative problem solving, organizational skills, personal productivity, people skills, stress management and work-life balance...

Softs Skills Courses offered by TBAE:

Click here for more information on the team building exercises that make up the themed events

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More About Team Building Activities

It is never enough for a company to have skillful individuals. A company will be able to produce efficient and high-quality work if it is composed of individuals functioning as a team. But, how do they become a team? People will never simply come together in a new group and form a team. This is where team building activities come in.

Through team building activities, the group can come together, outside of the office, and create bonds. Members will be able to build a solid foundation as a team while as they build a history together and share goals while having fun. Also, Team building activities give a small dose of inter-team competition that help each member to function at their best. Team building activities also take competition away from the office and bring it into a more effective and beneficial venue. Because, when too much competition exists, it can be detrimental to the team’s functioning. Team building activities allow the group members to compete in the team building activities, not office goals and projects.

A company’s need for team building will never cease. Team building activities are essential to success. It is also important to hire a qualified company to create and lead a team building event to help groups of people come together and form a cohesive, well-working team that will function seamlessly to achieve the goals and meet the complexities of the office life.

Do Team Building Activities Work?

Do team building activities work, you ask? Well, YES! Without team work, a company’s success is very limited; and team building activities work to promote this essential component of any productive company. Team building activities make long term changes in the way’s employees interact and conduct business.

Maybe, you have participated in the wrong type of team building activities for you to think that team building activities are not effective. The wrong type of team building activities are the ones people participated in and say, “Oh, not this again, I did this last year!” Only high-quality team building activities will produce high quality results. It is important to provide new, exciting and dynamic team building events that your team haven’t experienced before.

If you work with a company that can offer unique, exciting and outcome-oriented team building activities you’ll notice a difference in your team’s productivity and overall functioning. For a team building activity to work, it is also important to take your staff and put them in an environment that will not only build their team skills but allow them to enjoy each other’s company while they do.

How to Choose the Right Team Building Activity

A team building event is necessary to the success of a company. Research has shown that when people work in teams, they can accomplish far more than a group of individuals working together. Therefore, it is important to choose an effective team building activity for the company.

But what is an effective team building activity?

According to experts in corporate teams, a team building event must be integrated with real work goals. The team building event that you plan should help focus the members of the team on what’s not working and what needs to happen for the team to work together. Also, it is necessary to plan team building activities and events as part of the company’s overall plan for success. It should be an ongoing, annual or semi-annual event. To be meaningful, team building efforts must continue beyond the event day. It is also important to reinforce that behaviour by rewarding it. You can do this by recognizing the teams that are working exceptionally well.

If you think choosing a team building activity that is suitable for your needs is a hard feat, there are companies that can help you plan team building activities that are designed to help your employees and co-workers acquire new skills and learn the importance of working as a team. Hiring a team building facilitator will not only deliver everything you are hoping for, but also make your job easier.

Benefits of Team Building Activities

Behind every successful company, you can always find a good, hardworking and dedicated team. To develop the important characteristics of a good team, it is always beneficial to participate in team building activities.

Team building activities not only develop individual skills and communication, it also strengthens the bond between the members of the team. It always ensures increased productivity, competence and increased profit. Team building activities also improve morality and leadership skills, ability to tackle barriers, clearly defined objectives and goals, and better understanding of processes and procedures. The newly achieved team spirit will not allow the team to be let down. The team members will fight obstacles and challenges as one unit.

Events such as Survivor, The Amazing Race, Corporate Fun Day, Beach Day, SA Mini Olympics and Wacky Wet Weird and Wonderful, are designed to build trust, teamwork and communication skills among your people. All these events can work as a standalone activity or as part of major event, seminar or workshop. They can also be incorporated into a multi-day team building, team training or team development program.

It is important to provide new, exciting and dynamic team building events that your team haven’t experienced before. Team building events must also provide great entertainment. The events must provide realistic experiences that will empower members to contribute to common goals. Team building events should also provide a great opportunity for team members to know each other and establish effective working relationships.

Encouraging Creativity Through Team Building Activities

Encourage your people to be creative. Not only does it exercise the brain, but regular practice or involvement in activities that boost creativity develop skills more than one. Being creative doesn’t only have to be manifested on direct output or product (like a presentation or an article, for example), but also in dealing with challenging situations, finding efficient solutions and managing many different things very much applicable in life at work or outside.

We offer a variety of team building events that promote creativity in the activities and tasks involved. We have a great team building activity called ‘Movie Making’ where teams will be making their own short films or TV commercials which in the end will be judged for your company’s very own Oscars. As teams play the different roles of a film making crew, they will learn how to get all their ideas together creatively to produce a great film. Of course, the film content itself should be a work of creativity too.

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