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Aspen International Art Workshop Team Building Event in Cape Town

Aspen International Art Workshop team building event at Riebeek Valley Hotel in Cape Town, facilitated and coordinated by TBAE. Click on the thumbnails to view bigger photos.

TBAE facilitated an Art Workshop team building event for Aspen International at the Riebeek Valley Hotel in Cape Town. Participants were divided into teams and each team given a canvas on which they have to make a painting. At the end of the exercise, all the canvasses are combined at to create one work of art. The Art Workshop is an excellent activity to promote creativity and team work. Riebeek Valley Hotel, the venue for the event,  is a tranquil and stylish country retreat with sweeping views of picturesque vineyards, olive groves and majestic Kasteelberg Mountains.

"We had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed the art workshop ...overall it was excellent and I really appreciate all that Mari and Ian did for us."
Mandy Steytler, Aspen International

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Aspen International Team Building Event
Aspen Art Workshop
Lets get painting
Making the drawing for the painting
Deciding where to start the painting
Picking the right colours
Close observation to get the painting right
Painting the sea
Painting the plain
Painting the grapes
Painting the Aspen logo
Working as a team to complete the painting
Brushwork for the sea area
Working on the fruit
Finishing the plain
Working together on the fruit
Enjoying the art workshop
Working on the details of the plain Final product of the art workshop