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Beach Day Team Building Activity

Wacky Wet Weird and Wonderful Team Building Activity
Wacky Wet Weird and Wonderful Team Building Activity

TBAE’S Beach Day team building activity is a great option for summer with a beach holiday feeling to it. The theme of the event is "a day at the beach" and consists of fun activities that can be both very active or toned down to include the “not so active” participants. The event is highly interactive and offers active spectator participation.

The Beach Day team building activity starts with a team building ice breaker that is also used to divide the group into teams. The ice breaker is designed to divide the group up in a way that ‘cliques’ are separated and new relationships formed. These teams then go on to compete against each other in various team building exercises. Points are awarded for each exercise and the team with the highest points at the end of the event is declared the winning team of the Beach Day team building activity. 

Some possible outcomes of the Beach Day team building activity include teamwork, communication, leadership, cooperation, goal setting, creative thinking, decision making, problem solving, resilience, time management and trust.

These are some of the team building exercises that may be included in the Beach Day team building activity. Your facilitator will select the appropriate exercises to match the venue and team on the day.

Beach Ball Team Building ExerciseBeach Ball Relay - Have one member of each team holds a beach ball between the knees. Once the starting signal sounds, these team members should move to the finish line and back without dropping the beach ball. The players then pass the ball to the next team member...

Bubble Pie Team Building ExerciseBubble Pie - Big buckets with soapy water are filled and empty buckets with holes in the bottoms are on the opposite end of the playing field. The teams are each lined up behind the soapy bucket. The person in the first of the line receives a empty “pie tin”...
Carry and Fill team building exerciseCarry and Fill - Teams get a number of buckets from small to big. They have to get the water (passing and pouring to the next person) from A to B. The team with the most water is the winning team.

Catching the Flags Team Building ExerciseCatch the Flags - This game is an outdoor version of musical chairs. The participants lie flat on their stomachs a few metres away from the flag field. The participants must then race to the flags and try to grab one...
Magic Carpet Team Building ExerciseMagical Beach Towel - Teams must cross stretch of grass on a "magic towel". If their feet touch the grass, they have to start afresh...

Frisbee Golf Team Building ExerciseFrisbee Golf - An easy and fun alternative to “normal” golf. Instead of hitting a ball into a hole, you throw a frisbee until it lands in the disc golf “hole” (hoola hoop). Like ball golf, the object of frisbee golf is to complete each hole in the fewest number of throws...
Ice Cube Melt Team Building ExerciseIce Cube Melt - Teams stand in lines. The first person in each lines receives an ice cube. The starter rubs the ice cube between their hands for as long as they can to see how quickly the ice cube can melt. Once that person gets too cold, the ice cube is passed to the next person in line...

Over and Under Team Building ExerciseOver and Under - Teams stand in long lines facing each other back to front. At the head of each line there a bucket of water and at the other end a plastic empty container. A sponge is given to the person at the head of the line where the water bucket is...
Soccer Team Building ExerciseBeach Soccer - Played on a smaller field with a lighter or smaller ball and only 1 meter goal posts to keep things interesting...

Water Balloon Dodgeball Team Building ExerciseWater Balloon Dodgeball - Each team gets a container of water balloons. Establish a row and have each team line up on opposite sides of the line facing each other. At the starting signal, players throw water balloons at each other..
Water Balloon Tos Team Building ExerciseWater Balloon Toss - Team members from the same team stand facing each other at a 2 meter distance and throw a water balloon to the member on the opposite side – after every successful toss and catch the members each take a step backward...

Sack Race Team Building ExerciseWater Transfer - Teams need to transfer water from one side to the other using a combination of different equipment including canvas sheets and pipes with holes in them. Prepare to get very wet...

Wring the towel relay race team building exerciseWring the Towel Relay Race - Teams face back to back in a straight line. On a signal, the first player of each team dips a towel in a bucket filled with water. The wet towel then passed from person to person and the last person in line that receives the wet towel must wring it out into a bucket... Marble Run Team Building ExerciseMarble Run - A marble needs to be rolled from point A to point B using 4 short sticks. Back to point A if the marble hits the ground at any point...


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