Benefits of Drumming as a Team Building Event

Benefits of Drumming as a Team Building Event

In Africa,  the activity of Drumming as long been associated with communication and has been a fundamental group activity in the continent. Historically Drumming as a group activity has been associated with stress release, raising of group morale and enhancing team cooperation. In this blog,  we are going to take a closer look at how Drumming as a team building event reduces stress, improves company morale, enhances cooperation between staff members, improves communication and increases productivity.

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Reduces Stress
Recent studies have proven that participating in drumming activities accelerates physical healing, boosts your immune system and produces feelings of well-being. It can also help to release emotional trauma and create a sense of deep relaxation. The studies show that drumming activities reduces stress in the participants and can even lower the blood pressure of individuals.  Drumming can serve as a distraction from grief and pain, promoting the production of endorphins which is the body’s own painkillers. Studies have been done in groups working in the care industry, and it has been shown that the drumming activities helped reduce stress in the care workers.

Improves Company Morale
A study conducted among 112 long term care workers showed that, after six sessions of Drumming, 46 percent of the workers experienced a significant mood improvement. After six weeks,  this figure increased to 62 percent. Drumming team building events boosts company morale, motivates employees and helps to reduce employee burnout. When staff are motivated, absenteeism decreases, people get along better, and the company becomes a more exciting and pleasurable place to be.

Encourage Cooperation
In Drumming team building activities,  every member of the group is encouraged to participate, and everybody needs to work together. The role of each individual is indispensable. The group nature of Drumming helps to break barriers of race, language, gender and hierarchy. Drumming creates a sense of connectedness and interpersonal support among the participants. A drum circle gives participants the opportunity to connect with a group of like-minded people, alleviating self-centeredness, isolation and alienation.

Improves Communication
In Africa drums was used as one of the earliest forms of communication over long distances. Today Drumming team building events improves group communication among employees. Drumming creates group awareness and helps to develop relationships within the group. Participants experience a sense of connectedness as they work towards a common purpose. Drumming activities promote freedom of expression and highlights the importance of non-verbal communication. Employees are also tested in their ability to follow the instructions communicated to them by the instructor.

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Increases Productivity
As previously mentioned Drumming team building activities reduces stress in participants. This reduction of stress logically leads to healthier staff and, therefore, less absenteeism and higher productivity. The improvement in company morale caused by Drumming helps to reduce burnouts among staff which leads to a lower staff turnover rate. Drumming activities promote communication and a sense of shared vision which, taken into the workplace, can lead to an increase of productivity.


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