Build Successful Teams by Motivating Your Team Leaders

Build Successful Teams by Motivating Your Team Leaders
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Effectively managing and motivating your team leaders is an essential part of building successful teams. A team that feels motivated and inspired will perform better.  Every team leader is different and different personality types are motivated differently. While some people are motivated by financial gains, others require personal recognition. The key to motivating your team leaders is to find out what is the way to best motivate each team leader.

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Provide Team Leaders with the Necessary Resources

Making available additional support and resources that the team leader needs, is a very effective way of motivating the team leader. Team leader cannot manage their team effectively if they do not have the necessary resources that they need. Team leaders need plenty of encouragement and personal support. They should always know that if they need something that they cannot find on their own, you will do your best to help them acquire it.

Offering support and resources can be in the form of:

  • Emotional support and encouragement
  • Coworker and other management support teams
  • Additional training times and materials

Bonus and Incentive Programs

Bonus and incentive programs are popular motivational tools. The rewards can come in a variety of shapes including financial bonuses, gifts or special recognitions. By allowing the team leaders to become personally involved in what they want to strive for, you can motivate them to excel and achieve their goals.

Some guidelines for bonus and incentive programs:

  • Determine the bonuses or incentives you want to accomplish
  • Decide who will take part in the program
  • Develop clear performance goals
  • Ensure open communication throughout the program

Give Recognition for Good Work

Giving a simple “Thank You” or even “Good Job” is one of the most overlooked forms of motivation.  Small gestures can make a big difference in how team leaders are motivated and inspired at work. Timing is key, and it is important to give recognition as soon as possible after the accomplishment or success. Recognition will ensure that team leaders do not feel as though their hard work has gone unnoticed.

Tips for recognizing good work:

  • Recognize all successes whether large or small
  • Give recognition right away – it can lose its effectiveness over time
  • Be sincere in your praise

Keep Challenging Your Team Leaders

It is essential to keep challenging your team leaders to grow. Keep their tasks interesting and expand their duties. If they excel in one area and have become limited in what they can do, try them in another area or give them more responsibility. If you keep challenging your team leaders, they will remain interested and motivated.



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