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Team Building Benefits of Escape Room Activities

Team Building Benefits of Escape Room Activities


When your team starts feeling the routine monotony of the everyday grind, real-time team building games such escape room activities might just be the thing to lift team morale. Escape Room activities are a great opportunity for your team to get out of the office and work together to complete a mission. Your team will have to trust each other and communicate well to reach their goal.

The Escape Room team building activity offers 60 minutes of adventure that engages all the senses and you get to choose from a variety of themes to fit the preferences of your team. Your team will be able to apply creative thinking and problem solving skills while getting used to working alongside one another. At the same you will get to know the unique strengths of each team member.

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Here are some of the many team building benefits of Escape Room games:

Help Team Members Set Common Goals

In the Escape Room team building activity, participants work on a common goal to solve the room’s mystery and escape. Effective goal setting is essential to the success of a team. Goal setting, however, requires careful strategy and execution. Simply writing down a list of things to do is not goal setting. Goals need to be made on an emotional and intellectual level in order to be achieved successfully. In a team, time management is one of the keys to reaching goals. Without proper time management, it is easy for the team to become sidetracked by unimportant tasks that do not help them reach their goals. Goal Setting is a very important part of building a successful team. Your team needs goals to ensure that things get done.

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Assessing Team Members

Every person deals with conflict in their own way and the Escape Room team building activity gives team leaders the opportunity to see how team members handle conflict. The team has to work together to escape and everyone gets to see how everyone else deals with conflict. This allows the team to get to know each other better. Strengths and weaknesses come to the fore as the team has to solve problems under pressure. Team member’s interaction reveals many aspects of themselves, such as communication, problem solving and conflict resolution.

Identify Disruptive Team Members

You may have team members that are disruptive, not only to they not add to the team but they take away from it. They are often unpleasant to be around, creating disruption and discord among the rest of the team. Disruptive team members include those persons who never have anything to say or add to the team, those that complain about everything, and the jokers who only speak up to get attention and have fun. The Escape Room team building activity can help identify the disruptive members of your team so that you can deal with them accordingly.

Enhance Problem-Solving Skills

There are times when work can be repetitive and team members don’t come across many new challenges, inhibiting their innovation for problem solving. Escape Room team building activities place teams in engaging situations that require attention and critical thinking. It encourages the team members to think on their feet and find instant solutions for whatever problems they face back at the workplace.

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Defining Roles Within a Team

Escape room team building activities help team leaders define roles within a team. During the activity, the participants tend to realize their strengths and ultimately their role in the company. Some team members may come forward as leaders and some as great critical thinkers. Recognising these strengths will help team leaders build stronger teams.

Cultivate Effective Communication Within the Team

To solve the puzzles in the Escape Room activity requires teamwork to decipher codes and find clues. Team members have to stay connected with each other and keep each other updated on their progress. This sense of working together to achieve a common goal can be carried over into the business world, creating higher levels of productivity in the team.

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