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Murder Mystery event in Cape Town and Johannesburg

Are you looking for a unique and engaging team building event? Look no further than a Murder Mystery event!

We will explore what a Murder Mystery event is, how it works, the roles involved, and how the mystery is solved.

Discover why Murder Mystery events are a great choice for team building, as they encourage teamwork, communication, problem-solving skills, creativity, and trust building.

Learn about the benefits of hosting a Murder Mystery event and get some tips on how to organize one successfully.

Get ready for a fun and interactive experience that will promote team bonding and improve team dynamics!

TBAE offer a complete turnkey solution for Murder Mystery events in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban. 

What is a Murder Mystery Event?

A Murder Mystery Event is an interactive form of entertainment where participants engage in solving a fictitious crime, typically set in a themed environment. These events are popular choices for corporate events, private parties, and even kids mystery parties.

The structure of a Murder Mystery Event usually involves participants taking on roles as suspects or detectives, each with their own backstory and motives. Participants then interact with each other to gather clues, piece together the puzzle, and ultimately solve the mystery. This immersive experience allows individuals to step into the shoes of characters, enhancing their social skills and critical thinking abilities.

How Does a Murder Mystery Event Work?

In a Murder Mystery Event, participants are assigned roles as characters in a scripted scenario where a ‘murder’ has taken place. Through interaction with other participants, clues provided by actors, and the guidance of a facilitator, attendees work together to solve the mystery.

Each character has a backstory, secrets, and motives, adding layers of complexity to the game. As the story unfolds, participants engage in role-playing, trying to uncover the truth behind the ‘murder’. The atmosphere is electric, filled with suspense and intrigue as everyone becomes both a suspect and a detective.

The facilitator plays a crucial role, guiding the narrative flow and dropping subtle hints to steer participants in the right direction without giving away too much. The interactive nature of the event keeps everyone engaged, with conversations, interrogations, and investigations all contributing to the overall experience.

What are the Roles in a Murder Mystery Event?

Key roles in a Murder Mystery Event include characters central to the plot, teams that collaborate to solve the mystery, and the creative use of costumes to bring the story to life.

Participants, embodying various characters, breathe life into the narrative through their interactions, suspicions, and sleuthing. They add depth to the storyline by immersing themselves in their roles, unveiling clues, and engaging other attendees. Each individual’s participation is crucial, as even the smallest detail or conversation can alter the course of the investigation.

Forming teams enhances the thrill and excitement of deciphering the mystery, fostering teamwork, brainstorming, and collective problem-solving. The camaraderie and friendly competition within groups elevate the overall experience and make it more interactive.

How is the Mystery Solved?

The mystery in a Murder Mystery Event is typically solved through the collective efforts of participants gathering and interpreting clues, unraveling the web of innocence and guilt woven within the storyline.

In the process of solving the mystery, participants meticulously analyze the smallest details in search of crucial clues. Each piece of information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, plays a vital role in connecting the dots and revealing the truth hidden amidst the intricate plot.

The twists and turns of the storyline keep everyone on their toes, shifting perceptions and challenging initial assumptions. Innocence and guilt dance a delicate tango, blurring the lines between truth and deception.

As the investigation progresses, suspicions may fall on unexpected characters, adding layers of complexity to the puzzle. It is the keen eye and logical reasoning of the detectives that ultimately bring clarity to the murky waters of uncertainty.

Why Choose Murder Mystery as a Team Building Event?

Choosing TBAE Murder Mystery as a Team Building Event offers a unique opportunity for team members to engage in collaborative problem-solving, enhance communication skills, and foster strong bonds through an immersive and entertaining experience.

Team members immersed in a Murder Mystery scenario are encouraged to work together, share information, and decipher clues to solve the mystery. This interactive format requires effective communication and coordination among participants to piece together the puzzle and uncover the truth.

These events provide a platform for team members to showcase their individual strengths and abilities while also learning to leverage each other’s skills. As they collaborate to unravel the mystery, a sense of camaraderie is formed, fostering trust and unity within the team.

Encourages Teamwork and Communication

Engaging in a Murder Mystery Event encourages teamwork and communication by fostering an environment where team members collaborate, share ideas, and engage in lighthearted interactions that strengthen team spirit.

During these events, participants are immersed in a scenario where they must work together to solve a fictional crime, stimulating problem-solving skills and teamwork. The games often involve communication exercises, where effective information sharing and active listening are crucial for unraveling the mystery. Through this process, teams bond over shared laughter, overcoming challenges, and celebrating achievements. The light-hearted nature of the activities creates a positive atmosphere that promotes camaraderie and collaboration among colleagues.

Improves Problem-Solving Skills

Participating in a Murder Mystery Event enhances problem-solving skills by challenging participants to overcome barriers, think critically, and engage in the process of deduction to unravel the mystery before them.

These events immerse individuals in a captivating storyline where they must piece together fragmented evidence, decode cryptic messages, and uncover hidden motives. Participants are encouraged to collaborate, share insights, and pool their diverse skills to piece together the intricate puzzle laid out before them.

The unique challenges presented in such events often require a blend of analytical thinking, creativity, and effective communication. As individuals navigate through the twists and turns of the murder mystery, they must adapt their strategies, utilize each other’s strengths, and maintain a keen eye for detail.

Enhances Creativity and Critical Thinking

Participating in a Murder Mystery Event enhances creativity and critical thinking as participants immerse themselves in a fictional world, explore new perspectives, and engage in a memorable and entertaining experience.

During these events, individuals are challenged to think outside the box, connect seemingly unrelated information, and put their investigative skills to the test. By piecing together clues, deciphering hidden messages, and playing different roles within the storyline, participants are actively involved in a dynamic and interactive puzzle-solving process. This hands-on engagement not only fosters teamwork and collaboration but also prompts participants to think analytically and strategically in order to unravel the mystery.

Builds Trust and Relationships

Participating in a Murder Mystery Event builds trust and relationships among team members by fostering a sense of connection, encouraging collaboration, and leaving a lasting impression that can positively impact working relationships.

Murder Mystery Events provide a unique platform for teams to bond over a shared goal of solving a perplexing mystery, which requires effective communication and problem-solving skills. The interactive nature of these events prompts participants to step out of their comfort zones, generating authentic interactions that go beyond the confines of a typical work setting. As team members work together to unravel clues and uncover the truth, they build mutual respect and understanding, laying a solid foundation for enhanced teamwork and improved communication. Engaging in such immersive and thrilling experiences helps create memorable moments that employees can reminisce about, strengthening their interpersonal connections and fostering a sense of unity within the team.

What are the Benefits of a Murder Mystery Event?

Participating in a Murder Mystery Event offers a range of benefits, including a fun and engaging experience, enhanced team bonding, opportunities for prizes and awards, and a unique form of entertainment that captivates and engages participants.

One of the key advantages of engaging in Murder Mystery Events is the interactive and immersive experience they provide. Participants have the chance to step into the shoes of detectives, solving intriguing puzzles and unraveling the mysteries in a thrilling and suspenseful setting. This not only fosters teamwork and communication skills but also sparks creativity and critical thinking among individuals. The element of competition adds an exciting edge to the event, keeping everyone on their toes as they strive to crack the case and emerge victorious.

Fun and Engaging Experience

Participating in a Murder Mystery Event offers a fun and engaging experience that immerses participants in a world of mystery and intrigue, providing entertainment that captivates and excites all involved.

From the moment you step into the carefully designed venue, time seems to warp as you are transported to an alternate reality where you become a detective or a suspect, unraveling the enigmatic plot. All around you, the atmosphere buzzes with anticipation, as everyone delves into their roles, concocting alibis and following clues.

The allure of these events lies in the interactive nature, where you are not just a bystander but an active participant in solving the gripping whodunit mystery.

Promotes Team Bonding

Participating in a Murder Mystery Event promotes team bonding by fostering laughter, encouraging collaboration, and strengthening team spirit through shared problem-solving and engaging interactions.

These events serve as a unique platform for team building, as they encourage participants to unleash their creativity, strategic thinking, and communication skills in a fun and interactive setting.

The element of mystery and intrigue fosters a sense of camaraderie among team members, as they work together to piece together clues, solve puzzles, and ultimately uncover the truth behind the ‘crime.’

Laughter plays a crucial role in easing tensions and breaking down barriers, allowing team members to connect on a deeper level and build lasting relationships.

Improves Team Dynamics

Participating in a Murder Mystery Event improves team dynamics by enhancing communication skills, promoting problem-solving abilities, and fostering a sense of unity and cooperation among team members.

These events create a unique platform for team members to collaborate in solving complex puzzles, deciphering clues, and ultimately working towards a common goal. Through this shared experience, individuals learn to leverage each other’s strengths and communicate effectively to unravel mysteries. The interactive nature of the event encourages active participation from all team members, breaking down barriers and facilitating open dialogue. This hands-on approach not only enhances interpersonal relationships but also leads to increased trust and camaraderie within the team.

Develops Leadership Skills

Participating in a Murder Mystery Event develops leadership skills by providing opportunities for participants to take charge, make decisions, and showcase their abilities in guiding their teams towards solving the mystery.

These events serve as a unique platform where individuals can step into different roles requiring leadership qualities, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, effective communication, and team management. Delegating tasks and coordinating efforts to uncover clues and decipher complex scenarios help in understanding the dynamics of leadership in action. By immersing themselves in these interactive experiences, participants learn to navigate through uncertainties, handle conflicts, and inspire collaboration within their teams, all essential aspects of effective leadership.

How to Organize a Murder Mystery Event?

Organizing a Murder Mystery Event involves selecting a theme and setting, assigning roles to participants, setting the scene with appropriate props and clues, and planning for refreshments and prizes to enhance the overall experience.

Once you’ve chosen a theme, it’s essential to create a detailed script outlining the storyline, motives, and character backgrounds for each participant. This will help them fully immerse themselves in their roles and interact convincingly throughout the event.

Consider the logistics, such as venue selection, invitations, and any specific requirements for decorations or special effects that will contribute to the atmosphere.

Another crucial aspect is providing clear instructions to participants, ensuring they understand their roles, objectives, and any rules or guidelines for the game. Distributing character packets in advance can also allow them to prepare and get into character before the event begins, enhancing the overall experience.

TBAE offers all of the above options in our turnkey murder mystery package in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban. 

Choose a Theme and Setting

Selecting a theme and setting for a Murder Mystery Event is crucial to create the right atmosphere and ambiance, incorporating elements like venues, themed decorations, and appropriate dressing codes to immerse participants in the experience.

In terms of choosing a theme for your Murder Mystery Event, it’s essential to find an intriguing storyline that captivates the imagination of your guests. Whether it’s a glamorous 1920s affair, a spooky haunted house setting, or a thrilling spy mystery, the theme sets the stage for the entire evening.

TBAE offers 35 different themes that you can choose from. If you don’t see what you want, let us know and we can customise it for you. 

The venue plays a vital role in enhancing the overall experience. Opt for locations that align with your chosen theme, such as a historic mansion, a quirky restaurant, or even an outdoor setting to add an element of surprise.

TBAE has worked with more than 50 venue locations across Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban. 

Assign Roles and Provide Instructions

Assigning roles and providing clear instructions to participants is essential for the smooth execution of a Murder Mystery Event, ensuring that everyone understands their characters, objectives, and interactions within the storyline.

Participants are typically assigned unique roles that contribute to the intricate web of the mystery, each role offering a different perspective on the unfolding drama. The actors embody these characters with flair, adding depth and intrigue to the event. Personas are carefully crafted to engage participants, guiding them through the investigation with clues and red herrings. As the plot thickens, scripted interactions between characters create an immersive experience, drawing everyone deeper into the narrative. It’s crucial for participants to stay in character, react authentically to developments, and collaborate to solve the mystery.

Set the Scene and Provide Clues

Setting the scene with appropriate props and providing interactive clues is vital to engage participants in the storyline and encourage their involvement in solving the mystery alongside the actors portraying key characters.

By creating a detailed and immersive environment, organizers can transport participants into the heart of the mystery, heightening their curiosity and investment in uncovering the truth. Immersive elements such as secret diaries hidden under lamps or cryptic codes scribbled on old letters add layers of intrigue and excitement, enticing participants to explore every corner in search of clues. This approach not only challenges their detective skills but also fosters a sense of collaboration as they work together to piece together the puzzle.

Plan for Refreshments and Prizes

Planning for refreshments and prizes adds an extra layer of enjoyment to a Murder Mystery Event, offering participants the opportunity to relax, socialize, and potentially win accolades for their involvement in solving the mystery.

Catering arrangements play a crucial role in creating a welcoming ambiance, with delicious food and beverages serving as conversation starters and mood enhancers. The provision of high-quality catering can elevate the overall experience, making guests feel valued and cared for, thus increasing their engagement with the event.

The allure of enticing prizes can fuel participants’ competitive spirit, motivating them to actively participate and strive towards uncovering the truth behind the fictional crime. Recognizing and rewarding their efforts with prizes adds a sense of achievement, making the event memorable and encouraging return attendance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Murder Mystery event?

A Murder Mystery event is an interactive role-playing game where participants act out a scripted murder scenario and try to solve the mystery using clues and evidence.

Is Murder Mystery event suitable for team building?

Yes, TBAE Murder Mystery events are great for team building as they encourage teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills in a fun and engaging way.

Can I customize the Murder Mystery event for my group?

Absolutely! TBAE offer customizable Murder Mystery events to fit your group’s specific needs and preferences.

What are the benefits of a Murder Mystery event?

Apart from being a fun and unique experience, Murder Mystery events also promote team bonding, improve critical thinking skills, and enhance creativity and collaboration.

Do we need acting experience to participate in a Murder Mystery event?

No, acting experience is not required. The game is designed for everyone to participate and have fun, regardless of their acting abilities.

Can we combine a Murder Mystery event with other activities?

Yes, TBAE can offer packages that include other team building activities or additional services such as catering and venue rental. You can customize your Murder Mystery event to include whatever you want.

13 Fun Ideas for Team Building in Johannesburg

Fun Team Building Ideas in Johannesburg
Murder Mystery Team Building Event


Your team in Johannesburg seems a bit sluggish and it is time for a boost in team morale. Team building activities are a fun way to motivate your team and strengthen bonds between team members.

With so many team building options available it can be a daunting task to decide on one activity. In order to make your decision easier we have put together a summary of some of our more popular team building events in Johannesburg.

The following are some ideas for team building in and around the greater Johannesburg area.

  1. Tribal Survivor Challenges
  2. Potjiekos Cooking Competitions
  3. Amazing Race Events
  4. Escape Room Activities
  5. Drumming Events
  6. Movie Making Activities
  7. Minute to Win It Games
  8. Box Cart Building and Racing
  9. Laughter Games
  10. Hitting the Target Activity
  11. Charity Team Building Events
  12. Art Workshop
  13. Murder Mystery Events

Team Building Activities

1. Tribal Survivor Team Building Challenges in Johannesburg

Inspired by the iconic Survivor reality game show franchise, the Tribal Survivor Challenge is a fun, exciting and interactive team building event suitable for all ages and fitness levels.  Your group will be divided into tribes and each tribe will have to come up with a name and flag for their tribe. One of the most entertaining parts of this challenge comes next with each tribe having to create an choreograph a war cry which will be performed in front of the other tribes.

In the next part of the Tribal Survivor Challenge, the tribes compete against each other in various team building exercises with a variety of outcomes such as enhancing communication, encouraging teamwork and cooperation. Points are awarded for each of the activities and the tribe with the highest points at the end of Tribal Survivor Challenge is declared the winning tribe.

More About the Tribal Survivor Challenge

Tribal Survivor Challenge Team Building Event in Johannesburg
Team designing their flag during their Tribal Survivor Challenge team building event.

2. Potjiekos Cooking Competitions in Johannesburg

A Potjiekos Cooking Competition is an effective way for teams to get to know each other better while working together on a common goal. Your group will be divided into teams that will compete with each other for the first choice of ingredients. Teams are allowed to barter with each other for any ingredients that they may still need.

When all the ingredients are ready, the teams can start with cooking their potjie. While waiting for the potjies to finish cooking, teams compete against each other in some more team building exercises. When the potjies are ready they are presented for judging, and after the meal the winners and runners up are announced.

The Potjiekos Cooking Competition is a great activity for building camaraderie and team spirit.

More About the Potjiekos Cooking Competition

Potjiekos Cooking Competition Team Building Activities in Johannesburg
Team from Woolworths during their Potjiekos Cooking Competition.

3. Amazing Race Team Building Events in Johannesburg

Inspired by the popular Amazing Race reality show, the Amazing Race team building event is an exciting and fast moving activity designed to get teams working together to complete various tasks.

Teams are provided with clues to help them find all the “check-in” points. Some of these “check-in” points have activities that the teams will have to complete before moving to the next point, while others will just require the team to prove that they were at the point. These “check-in” points are hidden throughout the venue and teams need to find them in the correct sequence. The first team to complete all the activities and tasks is declared the winning team of the Amazing Race team building event.

More About the Amazing Race Team Building Event

Amazing Race Team Building Events in Johannesburg
Team from Vukani Gaming during their Amazing Race team building event.

4. Escape Room Team Building Activities in Johannesburg

In the Escape Room team building activity, teams are locked into themed rooms from which they have to escape. In order to escape, they have to work out all the hidden clues and complete some pressurized tasks within 60 minutes. Escape Room activities are an exciting and challenging way to test your team’s problem solving skills.

Escape Room team building activities also help teams improve their communication and strengthens relationships within the team. This activity highlights how individual decisions can be of benefit to the team.

More About Escape Room Team Building Activities

Escape Room Team Building Activities in Johannesburg
Team from Imperial Logistics during their Escape Room team building activity.

5. Drumming Team Building Events in Johannesburg

Drumming activities are very suitable for team building because everyone can participate in the activity regardless of age, race or position within your organization. In Africa, drumming has historically been used for communication, and many groups and individuals use drumming activities to release stress, raise their spirits, enhance their focus and for developing better cooperation in groups. It is a very effective tool for synchronizing the thought processes of team members.  Drumming activities are also beneficial for developing hand-eye coordination, listening skills and creativity. When team members create rythms together, it also naturally promotes teamwork.

More About Drumming Events

Drumming Team Building Activities in Johannesburg
Team members during a drumming event.

6. Movie Making Team Building Activities in Johannesburg

A Movie Making team building activity is a great way to discover and encourage creativity in your team. In the Movie Making activity, the team members have to work together to write a script, produce, direct and act in the “Movie” using limited resources. The process of making the movie taps into both the creative and practical abilities of the team. Not only is Movie Making an excellent way to get your team to work together, but it also provides great entertainment when the movies are viewed at the end of the event.

More About Movie Making Team Building Activities

Movie Making Team Building Activities in Johannesburg
Team members participating in a Movie Making team building activity.

7. Minute to Win It Team Building Games in Johannesburg

Based on the popular game show franchise, Minute to Win It team building games is an entertaining way of getting everyone on your team involved. In this activity, teams compete against each other in a variety of challenges which must be completed within 60 seconds. The challenges are completed using everyday household objects such as elastic bands, paper cups, empty cans, balloons and toilet paper. Points are awarded for each challenge and the team with the highest points at the end of the event is declared the winning team.

More About Minute to Win It Team Building Games

Minute Win It Team Building Games in Johannesburg
Team member completing the Nut Stacker Minute to Win It challenge.

8. Box Cart Building and Racing Team Building Activity in Johannesburg

The Box Cart Building and Racing team building activity combines creativity, technical precision, leadership, communication and a dose of bravery and fitness for a few. Teams are provided with the necessary parts to create and complete their Box Cart. The teams have to design and paint the bodywork of the Box Cart, the drivers racing top, as well creating a team song. All of this has to be done in a race against time as the Box Cart needs to be completed before the starting time of the race. The teams race their Box Carts against each other in a relay format, with multiple team members having the opportunity to drive and push the cart towards the finish line. This is an excellent activity for enhancing teamwork and relationships within your team.

More About the Box Cart Building and Racing Team Building Activity

Box Cart Building & Racing Team Building Activity
Team from Allan Gray during their Box Cart Building & Racing team building event.

9. Laughter Games Team Building Activity in Johannesburg

If you want your team to bond through laughter, the Laughter Games team building activity is the one for you. In this activity, your group is divided into teams which compete against each other in various team building exercises designed to create a lot of laughter. Getting your team to laugh together has many benefits to the team. It is a powerful antidote to stress and connects team members to each other. Furthermore, laughter relaxes the body, boosts the immune system and releases feel good chemicals. Being able to laugh, play and have fun together makes being part of a team more enjoyable and helps the team to solve problems, connect with each other and be more creative.

More About the Laughter Games Team Building Activity

Laughter Games Team Building Activity in Johannesburg
Team from Nedbank during their Laughter Games team building activities.

10. Hitting the Target Team Building Activity in Johannesburg

Hitting The Target is an ideal team building activity if you want to emphasize the importance of accuracy and correct decision making when working as a team. Your group is divided into teams which compete against each other in team building exercises designed to test the participant’s accuracy and aim. Points are awarded after each challenge and the team with the most points at the end of the event is declared the winning team.

More About the Hitting the Target Team Building Activity

Hitting the Target Team Building Activity in Johannesburg
Team from Barclays Life Botswana during their team building activity.

11. Charity Team Building Events in Johannesburg

Letting your team take part in activities where they are helping others is one of the best ways of bringing your team together and strengthening bonds within the team. Charity team building activities not only teach your team the skills needed to function as a high-performing team, but also gives back to the community. These activities also highlight the significance of team members engaging their hearts in their work together.

More About Charity Team Building Activities

Charity Team Building Activities in Johannesburg
Team from WWF SA during their Charity Team Building Activity.

12. Art Workshop Team Building Activity in Johannesburg

An Art Workshop team building activity is an excellent option for teams that want to do something more creative together. The Art Workshop highlights the importance of unity in diversity and creative thinking. Your group will be divided into teams, and each team is given a blank canvas, paints and brushes. The teams are then each given a subject to paint and they are made to believe that the challenge is to produce the best work of art on their particular canvas. Each team works separately on their own canvas and are not aware of what the other teams are painting. Unknown to them, all the teams are working on different parts of one big painting. While thinking they are competing against each other, all the teams are in fact working on one single goal.

This fun team building activity is a rewarding challenge for participants and promotes cohesion within a group. The activity ends on a motivating high as the participants are impressed by what the group achieved through the individual efforts of each team member.

More About the Art Workshop Team Building Activity

Art Workshop Team Building Activity in Johannesburg
Team from BankservAfrica during their Art Workshop team building activity at The Pyramid in Johannesburg.

13. Murder Mystery Team Building Events in Johannesburg

A Murder Mystery team building activity is a fun way for your team members to get to know each as they work together to solve a mystery. Although Murder Mysteries are usually played out over a meal, the event can be just as effective without it. Costumes and dress up accessories such wigs are provided on the day. The “murder” is announced, and the fun begins as each accused try to prove their innocence.  Murder Mystery events are most definitely one of the more entertaining team building ideas.

More About the Murder Mystery Team Building Event

Murder Mystery Team Building Activities in Johannesburg
Team from Malcolm Lyons and Brivik during their team building activity.

Now you are ready to treat your team to a great time while they are learning to work together and forming stronger bonds.


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Shumba Valley Lodge Out of Town Team Building Destination in Lanseria


Lanseria is situated to the northwest of the city of Johannesburg, towards the outer regions of Randburg. Although visitors to the area get the feeling of being away from it all, Lanseria is in fact just 20 minutes from Sandton, next door to Midrand and Fourways and less than an hour’s ride to Pretoria.

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Shumba Valley Lodge is ideally located for conference, leisure and business travelers who seek the tranquility of the countryside, whilst being within easy distance from both Johannesburg and Pretoria. Lanseria Airport is a mere 5 minutes drive from Shumba Valley Lodge and a 45 minute drive from Johannesburg’s OR Tambo International Airport. This team building venue is close to the N1 and N14 highways with Sandton 20 minutes away.

Shumba Valley Lodge is situated within the Cradle of Humankind, which has been declared a World Heritage Site. The most famous of the 13 excavated fossil sites in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site is the Sterkfontein Caves. The caves are recognised as the most longstanding continuous palaeoanthropological dig in the world. 

The Lanseria district, with its open air and country feel, lends itself to open ground, which Shumba Valley boasts, making the venue ideal for team building activities. Shumba Valley’s location also makes it ideal as an out of town conference destination, but without having to travel for hours. Their conference facilities can house from 10 to 80 delegates in a schoolroom set-up. Guests are treated to absolute peace within a country setting as Shumba Valley is set within 50 acres of ground and the delightful smell of thatch makes for a very relaxing atmosphere.

Outdoor dining facilities such as a Boma Braai, or a Poolside Terrace Braai are ideal ways to wrap up the days conferencing or team building on a relaxed note. Shumba Valley Lodge offers conference and team building accommodation in Chalet and Rondavel forms, set within the peaceful, spacious gardens with 4 Star facilities.



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Our Preferred Team Building Venues in Muldersdrift, Johannesburg

Our Preferred Team Building Venues in Muldersdrift, Johannesburg


Muldersdrift is situated in the greater Johannesburg area of South Africa’s Gauteng province. It is a picturesque rural area northwest of the Johannesburg CBD. Located in the Kromdraai Valley and on the Crocodile River, Muldersdrift forms part of the Crocodile Ramble, a scenic tourist route generally regarded as the most popular of all the craft routes around South Africa. It has a wealth conference centres, wedding venues and team building venues. The following are some of our preferred team building venues in Muldersdrift.

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Glenburn Lodge Team Building Venue in Muldersdrift
Glenburn Lodge Team Building Venue is situated in the tranquillity of the Zwartkops Mountains, on the banks of the Blaauwbank and Crocodile Rivers. Situated within the newly declared World Heritage Site, the “Cradle of Humankind”, this 100 bedroom hotel, conference, team building venue and spa is a mere 30 minutes from both Johannesburg and Pretoria. The, natural, scenic, beauty of Glenburn Lodge makes it the perfect setting for conferences, product launches, think-tanks and team building exercises. The Conference Centre seats up to 600 delegates across eight conference rooms. All rooms are fully equipped with state of the art conference equipment… more about Glenburn Lodge

Valverde Eco Hotel Team Building Venue
Situated in the Muldersdrift area of Gauteng, Valverde is a country style hotel where visitors can truly get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This team building venue has a distinct Spanish flavour and is distinguished by the personal treatment that guests experience.The word “Valverde” means “green village” in Spanish and Italian. The conference facilities at the venue consist of five fully equipped conference and function rooms that can house anywhere from five up to 150 delegates.The layout and decor of the conference rooms create an exceptional ambiance which is backed up by the professional and reliable conference events services offered by the venue… more about Valverde Eco Hotel

Avianto Team Building Venue in Muldersdrift
Avianto was born in 1997 from the idea of creating the perfect wedding venue in Johannesburg for what must be one of life’s greatest celebrations. Having captured the hearts of the discerning bride with the Banquet Hall, a second venue, The Ballroom, was created with some more versatility accommodating splendid corporate celebrations and Sunday lunches. Dedicated conference convention centers as well as hotel rooms followed with the introduction of Café Cielo to accommodate the need for leisure guests and leisure dining. The Avianto Hotel in Muldersdrift, Johannesburg will continue to expand to the north along the Crocodile River, on to what used to be the old Syringa Spa & Picnic Resort… more about Avianto

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Misty Hills Country Hotel Team Building Venue in Muldersdrift
If it’s service excellence with an authentic African twist that you are after, then Misty Hills Country Hotel, Conference Centre & Spa welcomes you. Nestled in the foothills of the Swartkop mountains on the threshold of the beautiful Kromdraai Valley in Muldersdrift, Misty Hills is one of the most popular hotel and conference venues in Gauteng.This charming stone-built hotel, embodies the ethos of Africa. Set in more than 60 acres of lush botanical gardens, Misty Hills is the ideal venue for functions, conferences, exhibitions, product launches, team building, getaways and events… more about Misty Hills Country Hotel

Cradle Moon Lakeside Lodge Team Building Venue in Muldersdrift
Cradle Moon offers the bush experience just outside of the city, close to Johannesburg and Pretoria. Cradle Moon caters to most events including, weddings, conferences, music concerts, sporting events and team building. CRADLE MOON LAKESIDE GAME LODGE is situated within the newly formed 1600 Hectare CRADLE MOON CONSERVANCY, in the heart of the Cradle of Humankind, less than 20 minutes from Sandton and Pretoria, on the western Urban Edge of Johannesburg, where the Bushveld begins… more about Cradle Moon Lakeside Lodge



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5 Recommended Team Building Venues in Johannesburg


Johannesburg is situated on the eastern plateau of the Highveld in Gauteng, and is the largest and wealthiest city in South Africa. Johannesburg offers a variety of world-class team building venues that cater for conferences as well as both outdoor and indoor team building events. The following are five team building venues in Johannesburg that we recommend for your next team building event.

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Indaba Team Building Venue in Fourways, Johannesburg
Just north of the fast paced business world of Sandton, lies the Indaba Team Building Venue nestled beneath the vista of the magnificent Magaliesberg Mountains. It is a compelling blend of businesslike convenience and efficiency, along with a relaxed and warm country hospitality atmosphere. Indaba is a four star Johannesburg hotel located within easy travelling distance of all the city’s main business and tourist attractions. It is renowned for its luxurious accommodation, excellent guest facilities, team building and function venues. The award-winning conference, meeting and banqueting facilities of Indaba are recognised as being some of the best… more about Indaba

St. Andrews Signature Hotel Team Building Venue in Bedfordview, Johannesburg
Panoramic views, luxurious accommodation, South African cuisine, and seamless service are all served up at the elegant new St Andrews Signature Hotel & Spa, a luxury boutique hotel in Bedfordview, Johannesburg. Only a stone’s throw from OR Tambo International airport and centrally located between Johannesburg’s shopping precincts and bustling restaurant, St Andrews Signature Hotel offers a haven of tranquillity in Africa’s busiest city hub… more about St. Andrews Signature Hotel

Thaba Eco Hotel Team Building Venue in Kibler Park, Johannesburg
Thaba Hotel won the Lilizela Tourism Award for 2016 for setting the benchmark in service excellence. Contributing to the industry, investing in skills provision, leading by example and for ensuring that each guest is given a world-class experience in Gauteng! Surrounded by Johannesburg’s Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve, Thaba Eco Hotel is known for luxurious accommodation… more about Thabo Eco Hotel

The Wanderers Club Team Building Venue in Illovo, Johannesburg
The Wanderers Club mission is to be the Premier Sporting Club in South Africa, striving to understand, recognise, and meet needs of members, stakeholders, and partners through ongoing product development, investment, service delivery systems and by developing a technological capacity, promoting partnerships, new revenue streams and recognising the need to transform the demographic profile of the Club. They boast some of the top sporting facilities in South Africa, from their cricket fields to basketball courts to bowling greens… more about the Wanderers

Zulu Nyala Country Manor Team Building Venue in Chartwell, Fourways, Johannesburg
With a variety of venues in different sizes for meetings, conferences, team building, product launches and more, Zulu Nyala Country Manor offers an array of efficient and effective solutions for all your corporate requirements, when staying at Zulu Nyala… more about Zulu Nyala Country Manor


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Johannesburg Team Building Event – Experian South Africa

The Experian South Africa team building event took place at Arts on Main right in the middle of Johannesburg’s city center. The creative space of Arts on Main ensured that this was a truly unique Corporate Fun Day team building event.

Johannesburg Team Building Event Experian

Experian South Africa offers holistic solutions to the South African credit industry through comprehensive credit history information, analytical expertise and sophisticated software. As a business,  they believe in getting close to and understand their customers and proactively respond to the unique needs and circumstances of their customers. Experian South Africa’s creativity is reflected in the way that they support and develop solutions for their clients. Their clients include leading banks, retailers, telecommunications and micro-lending companies in South Africa.

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Arts on Main in Johannesburg was the venue for the Experian South Africa team building event. Arts on Main is a multi-discipline arts centre combining studio, commercial, residential and retail spaces in a warehouse that was originally built in 1911. Originally a bonded liquor store, the building is characterized by industrial features such as double volume ceilings, concrete floors and over-sized windows. The centre houses some of the best contemporary art galleries in the country including, the Goodman Gallery and Seippel Gallery. It is also home to Bailey’s African History Archives, the Nirox Foundation, David Krut Publishing and the Jozi Art Lab. Arts on Main have a number of event areas suitable for exhibitions, book readings, film screenings and team building events.

The theme of Experian South Africa’s team building event was TBAE’s Corporate Fun Day. In this event,  the group is divided into teams which then compete against each other in a collection of some of TBAE’s most popular team building exercises. Experian South Africa took part in team building exercises such as Magic Carpet Ride, Hoola Hoop Races, Bush Golf, Puzzles, Hoola Hoop Down and Human Spiderweb amongst others. All the exercises are designed not only to be fun but also to encourage communication and group participation.


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Johannesburg Team Building Event – Nedbank Minute to Win It

TBAE recently had the honor of facilitating and coordinating Nedbank’s Minute to Win It team building event in Johannesburg. The event took place at the Sand River Guest House in the Rivonia suburb of Johannesburg.

Nedbank is one of South Africa’s largest banks and has its headquarters in Sandton, Johannesburg. The Nedbank Group actively seeks out and pursues opportunities to help communities, develop and grow small businesses, foster job creation opportunities and contribute to the overall development of a sustainable and strong social system in South Africa. Nedbank has earned the reputation of being a leader in sponsorship marketing being prominent in sectors such as golf, soccer, road running, sport for people with disabilities and various strategic sponsorships.

The venue for this team building event was the tranquil setting of the Sand River Guest House in Johannesburg. This venue is ideally located within walking distance of the Rivonia business centre where you will find banks, hairdressers, shops and restaurants. Sandton City, Fourways and Monte Casino are a mere fifteen minute drive from the venue. The Sand River Guest House has a beautiful grass area surrounded by trees and overlooking the river. This area is ideal for outdoor team building events such as Amazing Race, Corporate Fun Day, Sports Day and Tribal Survivor.

The Sand River Guest House also offers indoor team building facilities in the form of an air-conditioned meeting room. The room seats 10 delegates around a boardroom table or 15 delegates seated in cinema style. Indoor team building events such as Art Workshops, Minute to Win It, Noot vir Noot and Drumming can be held here for smaller groups. Nedbank’s Minute to Win It event took place in this meeting room.

TBAE’s Minute to Win It team building activity is based on the Minute to Win It television series. Participants have to complete various activities within a minute with the difficulty level of the activities increasing as the game progresses. Common household products such as plastic cups, cd’s, nails, cookies and even pantyhose are used to complete certain tasks. This is an extremely fun event and causes lot laughter with crazy activities such as Back Flip, Dizzy Mummy, Elephant March, Face the Cookie, Penny Hose and Spoon Frog.

Feedback from Nedbank:

“I would just like to thank you for your outstanding service that you provided to us for our team building yesterday. I must say that you 3 guys were very friendly and professional and really let us have so much fun. Will definitely be referring your company to the rest of our department.”
Rehana Hedinger, Nedbank

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