Developing a Positive Vision for Your Team

Developing a Positive Vision for Your Team
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An essential part of building a team is presenting the team with a positive vision for the future. A positive outlook helps the team to focus on the future and to keep moving forward towards a shared goal.

Imagine a Successful Future for The Team

Your team is not bound by its past, and past experiences need not influence how the team sees its future. Getting the team to think ahead to a successful future can increase the positivity of the team members and raise their confidence levels. Giving the members of your team hope for the future will give them hope for the present. Encourage your team to focus on the successes that the team wants and get them to imagine the successes becoming a reality. You can ensure that your team remains positive by instilling a belief in them that they can achieve success and by maintaining a positive attitude about your team reaching their goals. The team building benefits of your team imagining a successful future is a positive outlook, goal successes and improved focus.

Control Negative Expectations in The Team

A large percentage of your team members are likely to assume to worst in any situation. They will try and anticipate anything that might go wrong because they want to be able to determine how they will handle such a situation if it comes up. Teaching your team members to control these negative expectations will help them to see situations from the positive side. Approaching a situation with a positive outlook will increase their confidence in their ability to handle the situation. By remaining positive, your team is capable of achieving many things that seemed impossible before. Some practical ways of controlling negative expectations include watching for hidden negative thoughts or assumptions, avoiding jumping to conclusions and realizing the problem is in the situation – not the team.

Current Decisions Influences Future Thinking

The decisions your team makes today influence how the team will see things in the future. Limiting negative anticipations and creating a positive outlook will positively influence your team’s current decisions. Positive decisions develop a positive form of thinking that will boost the confidence levels of your team. Worrying about what could happen drains energy and creates feelings of hopelessness. By changing the thoughts of your team members today, you can limit negativity in your team’s planning and help the team members to make better choices in the future.

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Base the Team Vision on Data and Real Examples

We often mistakenly base our thoughts and planning on things we heard or over-played in our own heads. Instead of focusing on the facts of a situation, people tend to think about the worst thing that could happen. When planning and setting a vision for your team, make sure you base it on the available facts. When you are making decisions about the future of your team avoid “word of mouth” stories, the “maybe” or “what if” possibilities and dramatized outcomes or over-reactions.



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