Four Characteristics of a Winning Team

Four Characteristics of a Winning Team

When it comes to building a winning team it comes down to two essential ingredients. The team needs a common goal and that goal needs to be clearly communicated to the team. Wearing the same uniforms will not build you a winning team. It is not uniformity but unity of purpose that holds a team together. You can have the most talented members on your team, but the team will not achieve if its goals are not shared by all the members of the team. Winning teams have the following characteristics in common.

Winning Teams Play to Win

The first characteristic of winning teams is that they always play to win. Attitude is often the only difference between a team that is successful and one that is not. The difference between a team playing to win and a team playing not to lose is often the difference between success and mediocrity.  A team can have superior talent, but yet not get results because they are not taking any risks.

Winning Teams Take Risks

The second characteristic of winning teams is that they are not afraid to take risks. There are times where you need to take a risk and let what happens happen. It is often these moments that set a team apart as a winning team. It is better for your team to try and fail than it is for your team to fail to try. Teams that always play it is safe will not know the thrill of victory. To win a victory a team must risk a failure.

Winning Teams Keep Improving

The third characteristic of winning teams is that they continue to try harder. A team that is through improving is a team that is through. It is hard for teams to stay on top. Once teams get there they tend to try and maintain the situation, but there are always teams beneath that are willing to make the sacrifices and take the risks to get to the top. It is often easier for a team to win when they have nothing to lose. It never pays for winning teams to rest on their laurels. A team’s greatest reward for improvement is not what they get for it, but what they become because of it.

Winning Team Members Care About Each Other

The fourth characteristic of winning teams is that the team members care for the success of every other team member. If you want to be successful as a team leader, you have to first make your team members successful. Always be aware that there are people on your team that can do a better job than you can do alone.

Source: Be a People’s Person by John Maxwell



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