How to Build a Team

In order to have a successful team, it is important to build the right team in the right way. Building a team has largely to do with getting relationships right. It is essential to develop good relations between leaders and team members for a team to function properly. In this blog,  I am going to share with you some methods to help you build your team and to build the correct relationships within the team.

How to Build a Team

Collective Responsibility

For a team to function to its optimum, the team leaders and team members need to understand the importance of collective corporate responsibility. Although each member is encouraged to contribute their individual opinions, once a team decision has been made all the members should abide with the decision. In a meeting frankness and openness should be encouraged, but after the meeting everyone should then be willing to accept and respect the corporate team decision.

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Clear Common Goals

When building a team, it is important to clarify the common goals and purposes of team. All the members of the team should be clear about the purpose of the team. It is also essential that they know how their team contributes to success of the company. The performance goals of the team should be clearly articulated.

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Rewarding the Team

Rewarding your team correctly has a large role to play in building a strong team. Instead of just rewarding long term big-goal achievements, try rewarding the smaller achievements and milestones throughout the year. Smaller, more regular, celebration can go a long way to keep your team motivated throughout a long term project. Reward your team with a team building activity, which is fun but also help to build your team. It is also essential to communicate the successes of your team to the whole company. Describe why the team’s achievement is important for the company and the challenges your team overcame.

Leading by Example

An important part of building a team is to lead by example. It is fine to have high expectations of your team, but never ask your team members to do something you would not do yourself. On the flip side, leaders should not try to do everything themselves.  Delegate authority and responsibility, but always be ready to intervene when necessary.

Input from Team Members

Encourage the input of team members regarding their individual tasks. Allow flexibility on how they go about meeting their goals. Be open to suggestions about how operations can be changed. Be sure to act on suggestions where possible as this will encourage further input from the team.

Identify Talent

Spot talent within the team and give those team members opportunity to grow. Find the best in your team members and play to their strengths. Do not be afraid of taking risks with people showing potential.  Give your team members the opportunity of not only improving their skills but also their personality traits.

Handling Conflicts

Conflicts arise within all teams, but handled well it can often lead to constructive ideas. The correct method to handle conflicts may vary greatly from team to team. All team members involved should be given time to explain their view of the problem. Establish ground rules for preventing the members from feeling rushed, interrupted or intimidated when sharing their experience of the conflict. Encourage your team to handle conflicts themselves as much as possible.

Be Positive

As a leader,  your words have a great impact on the members of your team. Always be aware of what you say at different times and to a different team members. Create a culture within your team that does not focus on failures, but encourage team members to learn from mistakes. Team members should feel free to take risks, and there should be a no blame culture.


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