How to Create a Performance Plan for Your Team

How to Create a Performance Plan for Your Team

Performance Management is an important and strategic approach to ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of a team. It is used as a way of measuring whether the team is meeting its goals. Creating a performance plan forms an essential part of performance management. The performance plan is a strategic plan for each member of the team to follow in order to become high performing team members. A performance plan should be created for every member of the team as there is always room for improvement.

Establish Goals

Setting up goals for the team and individual team members forms a vital part of the performance plan. Make sure the goals reflect the needs of the team as well as the team members. Establish whether the team members have the tools and skills to reach the goals. Provide them with the right tools and training where required.

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Determine the Desired Results

The results of a performance plan are what the team is expected to achieve. These desired results should be made clear in the performance plan. The team members should be aware of them and know that they are responsible for achieving the desired results. The ability or inability to meet the desired results is what determines the level of performance. Those team members who do not meet the desired results should receive coaching in that area.

Prioritize the Goals

Your team members need to know which goals to focus on first. Prioritize your goals so that the team can focus on the top three goals. It is vital that the goals given priority align with the team vision. Do not make nonessential goals a priority and make sure goals do not conflict with each other.

Measure Performance

For a performance plan to be successful, performance must be measurable. Measuring performance is not always easy as some tasks may be subjective. Fair standards and measurement should be established for each position in the team. To help with this, you can consult previously established requirements and competencies.

Evaluating Performance

Evaluate team members by comparing the measurements against performance. In the evaluation report, you should include whether or not the team member achieved the goals and met desired expectations. It is essential to meet with the team members on a regular basis to evaluate their performance. Use the information gathered throughout the performance plan to help and guide the members of your team.



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