How To Prepare For a Team Building Session

How To Prepare For a Team Building Session


In order to be ready to welcome participants to your team building session, you must be prepared. Try to get a good night’s sleep beforehand, and leave yourself plenty of time so that you arrive at the team building venue early.

If your team building session is technology heavy, arrive 45-60 minutes before your session starts in order to set up, test, and work out any problems before your participants arrive. If you are walking into a session where the technology is already set up, or you are not using a laptop/presentation style approach, arrive 30 minutes early.

Other things you will want to do:

  • Set up your materials
  • Make sure the team building area is prepared properly
  • Locate the washrooms
  • Locate emergency exits

If your team building session runs for more than one day and everything is in working order, you can arrive 15 minutes early for day two onward, but be sure to calculate traffic and other factors (such as weather) properly. It is important that you arrive before your participants do, and that you are ready and able to welcome them.

Your welcome should include the following:

  • Make sure that the team building area is welcoming and ready before participants arrive
  • Greet participants individually as they arrive and invite them into the team building area
  • Ask them to sign in and make themselves a name tag or tent card if you are using them
  • Invite them to help themselves to a refreshment if they are available
  • As you get things underway, introduce yourself (or have another facilitator/host introduce you) to break the ice and establish your credibility
  • Have the participants introduce themselves
  • Review the agenda for the day so that people know what to expect
  • Asked participants about their expectations and personal learning objectives

When you ask participants about their expectations, be prepared for them to have thought of things that you may not have, but don’t worry. If there are things that people were looking for that you can incorporate in some way, then it is recommended that you do so. If you are not able to incorporate them, assure the participants that you can provide them with information that they need, and be sure to follow up.


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