How Your Team Benefits From Adversity

How Your Team Benefits From Adversity

Your team has to realize that adversity can be expected as part of the process of succeeding. Adversity is in fact a critical part of success. The following are some of the benefits of adversity.

Adversity Creates Resilience in the Team

There is not many other things in life that breed resilience as much as adversity does. A study done in the 1980’s showed that a group of people that lost their jobs three times could handle adversity, and find a new job quicker, than the group that lost a job for the first time.

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Adversity Develops Maturity in the Team

Adversity promotes wisdom and maturity in a team. As the world changes at a faster and faster rate, the maturity and flexibility that comes from weathering difficulty, becomes increasingly important. The problems and difficulties your team faces and overcomes today, prepares your team to better handle future difficulties.

Adversity Pushes the Envelope of Accepted Performance in the Team

Until your team learns from experience that they can live through adversity, they will be reluctant to break with mindless traditions, push the envelope or challenge themselves. Failures often prompt people to rethink the status quo.

Adversity Provides Greater Opportunities in the Team

Eliminating all problems can limit the potential of a team. Most successful teams have numerous instances of adversity and setbacks that opened doors to greater opportunities.

Adversity Prompts Innovation in the Team

The ability to innovate is at the heart of creativity and a vital component of success. For a team to succeed, they need to have the ability to make adjustments to the way they do things and be willing to try again after a failure. Adversity helps to develop that ability.

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Adversity Motivates a Team

Few things motivate a team like adversity does. If your team can step back from the negative circumstances facing them, they will discover their positive benefits if they don’t take the adversity too seriously. They should always measure an obstacle next to the size of the goal they are pursuing.

Unexpected Benefits of Adversity

Most teams that make a mistake see it as a failure, but the greatest success stories can be found in the unexpected benefits of mistakes.


Source: Failing Forward, John C. Maxwell


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