Outdoor Team Building Ideas

Many hours will be spent indoors at the office this year, so it is always a good idea (weather permitting of course) to have your team building events outdoors. In this blog,  I am going to share some ideas for fun and interactive team building activities suitable for outdoors.

Outdoor Team Building Ideas

Tribal Survivor Challenge

The Tribal Survivor Challenge usually starts with each tribe needing to choose a name and come up with a flag and also a war cry that depict this name. The flag and war cry are then presented in front of the other tribes. Each tribe receives three to five burning torches. The last team to have fire still burning (any number of torches still burning) at the end of the event wins. The tribes compete against each other on a number of different activities, and after each activity there is a Tribal Council, whereby the losing team lose a life and has one of their torches extinguished. In some instances,  the winning team is able to choose a member from the loosing tribe, and on other occasions the losing team needs to kick off one of their own members.

Walk On The Wild Side Amazing Race

In the Walk On The Wild Side Amazing Race team building activity, the group is divided into teams and each team is provided with various clues relating to finding each “check-in” point. Some of the “check-in” points have activities that need to be completed, and at others the team only need to “prove” that they located that specific point. The teams need to find the “check-in” points in the correct sequences which are hidden in different locations throughout the venue. Once a “check-in” point is located, the team either needs to “prove” that the whole team was there, or each member of the team must complete the activity before moving onto the next activity. The first team to successfully complete all the activities and tasks is the winning team.

Cook Around the World

In the Cook Around the World team building activity, teams are provided with; cooking equipment and utensils, a recipe, ingredients and a table. Each team will be told which country they represent, and the team will then prepare a meal. Points will be given for teamwork, colour, presentation and taste. The winning team, as well as the runners up, will be announced and there after the meals will be enjoyed by all.

Potjiekos Cooking Competition

The Potjiekos Cooking Competition starts with the teams having to find the ingredients and utensils needed to start cooking. Once found the teams are further encouraged to barter against each other for anything they may still need. Now time for the main activity, who can cook the best potjie! This activity is perfect for building team spirit and fostering some healthy competition.


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