Successful Team Building Events

It is important to the success of your team building events that team building activities should be integrated with real-time goals in the workplace. Systematic workplace integration and follow-up processes need to be planned and established before team building events take place. Good feelings and positive outcomes need to last beyond the events.

Successful Team Building Events
Team Building Activities

The success of a team building event starts in the planning phase of the event. The team that will be planning the event needs to be carefully chosen, keeping in mind that they will be modeling how to work together as a team.

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Successful organizations incorporate annual team building events into the overall company structure. The cultural framework, philosophies, values and practices of an organization should be designed in such a way that it builds a concept of team and team work. In such a framework, team building events will produce supportive results in a group of people that already operate in a team environment.

Team building events should be building on a working system based on shared philosophies, purposes and mission. There should be a sound performance development program in place, encouraging the personal and professional growth of employees. Team building events are more successful in organizations where team work is already an integral part of the business and employee strategy.

Team building events are more successful in a work system in which team behavior is recognized and rewarded. Such a system creates an environment where employees work as a team to solve problems and improve processes. Company policies that are employee and employee-family friendly promote team spirit, and problems or failures do not result in a search for the guilty but for the problem or failure in the work system.

Plan team building events around a business purpose to which all can contribute. Companies should regularly demonstrate their commitment to building team unity, trust and morale otherwise negative results can result from team building events.

Team building events should give the team a clear sense of direction and include workable plans and solutions. Poorly planned and executed team building events, outside of the everyday work context, can result in disillusionment, low morale and negative motivation. Team building should not be a once off event but something that is an ongoing process within the organization.


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