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Choosing a Team Building Activity

Before choosing a team building activity, it is essential to have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish with the team building event. Take time to consider what problems and challenges the team are currently facing. If the activities you choose do not address these problems and challenges your team building event may fail and could even make the situation worse.  Poorly chosen activities are often experienced as a waste of time by the participants. Paintball, for example, is not a good activity to choose when team members are not getting along, and a team lacking in morale will not benefit from highly competitive activities.

Choosing a Team Building Activity

Objectives of Team Building Activities

Before deciding on a team building activity, be clear about the objectives of the team building event.  Identify existing issues within the team and determine the possible causes of any unhappiness and disharmony within the team.  If there are no obvious problems to be addressed, consider which team building activities can maintain and further improve team performance.

Some basic objectives may include:

Activities Using Music and Rhythm

Team building activities involving music and rhythm are upbeat and helpful to energize, uplift and get teams working together. Teams learn how the individual influences the group and how the group influences the individual. Some excellent activities incorporating music and rhythm are Drumming, Boomwhacking, Noot vir Noot and Karaoke.

Creative Activities

You can choose a creative team building activity to unlock some creative inspiration within your team. These activities are not only rewarding for the team on the day, but it has a further benefit of encouraging a more creative approach within the workplace. Some suggestions for creative team building activities are Art Workshop, Movie Making and Murder Mystery. See also our Creative Thinking Outcome Based team building activity.

Activities to Challenge the Mind

The more cerebral team building activities such as Scrabble Matics will improve the team’s problem solving skills under pressure.  These activities also test the creativity and analytical skills of the participants. See also our Problem Solving Outcome Based team building activity.

Activities to Motivate the Team

Motivational speaking and coaching are extremely beneficial to sharpen and perfect the skills of individuals and teams. These activities are especially helpful to remedy a lack of motivation in the team, bring about change in the team, promote ownership and enforce responsibility. It can also help individuals to better interact with managers, colleagues and customers.

Outdoor Activities that Promote Teamwork

These team building activities are perfect if your team is in the office most of the year and you want them to have some fun in the sun.  Team members learn to work together through a range of fun activities specially designed for the outdoors. Some of the activities that you can choose are Tribal Survivor Challenge, Boeresport Games, Amazing Race, Sports Day, Corporate Fun Day, SA Mini Olympics, Laughter Games and Beach Day.

Precision Activities

These activities are designed to emphasize the importance of working accurately and precisely under pressure. Our Hitting The Target team building theme consists of activities that promote precision in the workplace.

Fun and Social Activities

Team building activities that are more of a fun and social nature are often arranged as a means to reward a team or when team members need to get to know each other better. These activities allow cross communication and create an atmosphere of involvement and fun.  Some ideas for fun and social activities are Karaoke, Laughter Games, Score and Corporate Fun Day.


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