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The Importance of Charisma for Team Leaders



Charisma is a characteristic that draws people to you. Although it is often believed that you are either born with charisma or not, it is in fact a characteristic that can be developed. As a team leader, how charismatic would you rate yourself? Are people naturally attracted to you? Most common roadblocks to charisma are pride, insecurity, moodiness, perfectionism, and cynicism.

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Traits of Charismatic Team Leaders

  1. Charismatic team leaders love life. People typically enjoy and more readily follow leaders who enjoy life. Leaders with charisma are passionate about life; they are celebrators and not complainers. If you want to be someone that attracts people, become like those people that you enjoy being around.
  2. Charismatic team leaders expect the best of their team. The charismatic team leader has made it a habit of always expecting the best of their team. If you are always expecting the best of people and help them to think more highly of themselves, you will naturally attract people. Charismatic leaders appreciate others and encourage others.
  3. Charismatic team leaders give their team hope. Charismatic team leaders are always looking to instill hope because they know hope is the greatest of all possessions. People will be attracted to you if you are a leader that bestows hope on others.
  4. Charismatic team leaders share of themselves. People are naturally attracted to leaders that share of themselves and their life journeys. Charismatic leaders are willing to share their resources, wisdom and special Leaders with charisma think about others more than they think of themselves.

How to Become a More Charismatic Team Leader

  1. Work at focusing more on others. Observe how you interact with others, how much of your talking is concentrated on yourself. If you find that most of the conversation is about you, then it is time to change the balance and focus more on others.
  2. Make sure you are creating positive first impressions. When next you meet someone for the first time, make a determined effort to make a good first impression. Make sure you memorize the person’s name, focus on the person’s interest and that you are positive.
  3. Practice sharing of yourself and your resources. Make it one of your long term goals to share your resources with others. Think how you can add value to the lives of those people you interact with on a daily basis. Provide them with resources to help them grow both personally and professionally.


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