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The Importance of Communication in Teamwork

The Importance of Communication in Teamwork

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You cannot have teamwork without communication. Without communication between each other, your team will not function as a team but as a collection of individuals. In order to have an effective team, it is essential to have communicative team members.

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Characteristics of Communicative Team Members

  • Communicative team members do not isolate themselves from other team members. When one of the members of a team isolates themselves from the others, it creates problems for the team. This problem escalates when entire sections of the team isolate The more team members know about each other, the more they will understand each other and the more they will care. Team members with passion and information and connection are powerful assets to the team.
  • Communicative team members make it easy for other team members to communicate with them. Most communication problems in a team can be solved with proximity. Strong leader and effective team members not only stay connected with other team members, but they also ensure that the other team members can connect with them.
  • Communicative team members follow the 24-hour They do not avoid contact with those team members with whom they are in conflict. When they have any difficulty or conflict with another team member, they do not let 24 hours go by without addressing it. The sooner you communicate with the person you are in conflict with, the better it will be for you and your team.
  • Communicative team members give attention to potentially difficult relationships. Relationships need attention to thrive. This is especially true for a relationship between two people where there is potential for conflict.
  • Communicative team members follow up important communication in writing. The more complicated the communication, the more important it is to keep it clear and simple. This often means putting it in writing. When you have something important to communicate to other team members, it is easier to keep everyone on the same page if it is written down for everyone’s benefit.

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How You Can Improve Your Communication

  • Be Candid. Open communication fosters trust. Team relationships hurt when there are hidden agendas, when bad news is sugarcoated or communicated through a third party.
  • If you tend to sit on things instead of saying them, force yourself to follow the 24-hour If you discover an issue regarding another team member, find the first reasonable opportunity to address it with them. Invite other team members to do the same.
  • Share the information you have freely, do not hoard information. You need to be discreet with sensitive information, but include others where you can. Open communication increases trust, trust increases ownership, and ownership increases participation.

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