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The Importance of Communication for Team Leaders

The Importance of Communication for Team Leaders

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Team leaders have to get things done through the team. The team leader, therefore, has to have the ability to inspire, motivate, guide, direct and listen. Communication makes it possible for the team to internalize the team leader’s vision and implement the vision. Your team will not follow you if they are not sure what you expect from them or where you are going.

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Effective Communicators Simplify the Message

Communication is as much about how you say something than it is about what you say. The most important key to effective communication for the team leader is simplicity. If you want to connect with your team, you have to keep it simple.

Effective Communicators See the Person

Effective communicators focus on the people to whom they are communicating. You can only effectively communicate to your team if you know something about them. Before you start your communication, find out who is your audience? What are their questions? What needs to be accomplished? How much time do you have? Become more audience oriented, teams believe in team leaders when team leaders believe in their teams.

Effective Communicators Show the Truth

Great communication can only take place if the team leader has credibility with the team. Credibility is conveyed to the team when the team believes in what the leader says because it is backed up by conviction. Credibility is also conveyed when the leader lives what is said, which their conviction in action.

Effective Communicators Seek a Response

The team leader should keep in mind that the goal of all communication is some kind of action. Simply dumping information on people is not communication. When communication to your team, give them something to feel, something to remember and something to do.

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How Team Leaders Can Improve Their Communication

  1. Be clear. Look at some of your recent written communication. Were the sentences short and direct or do they meander? Will the readers grasp what you wrote? Have you used the fewest words possible? A communicator’s best friends are simplicity and clarity.
  2. Refocus your attention. Pay attention to your focus when are communication. Is it on you, your material or your audience? If it was not on your audience, you need to change your focus. When you are communicating, think about the needs, questions and desires of your audience. Meet the people where they are.
  3. Live your message. Find out if there are any discrepancies between what you are communicating and what you are doing. Ask a trustworthy source if you are living your message, they may see things to which you are blind. Receive the comments without defensiveness and purpose to make changes in your life to be more consistent.

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