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Setting the Right Team Dynamic

Setting the Right Team Dynamic

Team dynamics refers to how a team interacts. The success of a team is to a large degree dependent on its dynamic. The team leader has the responsibility to establish a solid foundation and set the right dynamics in communication, collaboration and sharing.

Communication Methods

Constant and effective communication are essential for any team to be successful. There are various communication methods and the team leader needs to apply the method best suited to the team. Smaller teams usually benefit most from open communication, which allows all members to actively communicate and share ideas. Open communication encourages creativity and builds teams. Open communication strategies include being positive, respectful, open and honest. The team leader should be able to adjust his/her communication style for a diverse group and give feedback promptly.

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Collaborating is an essential part of any team dynamic. When a team works collaboratively, you can expect to hear a variety of opinions and viewpoints. It is vital for team leaders to embrace the diversity of the team and give attention to the viewpoint of each team member. Team members should be encouraged to collaborate by listening to the ideas that other members share, ask for clarification and focus on the success of the team.

Identify and Share Best Practices

A best practice is something that is done that consistently delivers positive results. Team members should be given the opportunity to identify and share best practices. This promotes cohesion within the team and promotes involvement by all team members. Best practices can be shared and identified through meetings, social network sites, blogs and newsletters. All team members should have the opportunity to share their best practices and all contributions should be treated with respect.

Discover and Refine Ideas

Successful teams are those teams that are consistently able to discover and refine ideas. Refining ideas through constant feedback will lead to change which produces growth. Growth helps the team to consistently achieve better solutions. Ideas are made clearer and more specific through the process of refining.

Build Knowledge Through Diversity

Build a team that is diverse in cultures, skills, backgrounds and strengths. Differences make the team stronger while only choosing like-minded people weakens the team and stifles creativity.  Having diversity in your team will build knowledge and challenge the team to grow. A healthy mix of team members with academic understanding of a subject and those who have real world application will immensely benefit the team.



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