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Introducing Your Team to Digital Citizenship

Introducing Your Team to Digital Citizenship

In this technological age we are living in; it is important that your team understands the concept of digital citizenship. Anyone who regularly interacts online is a digital citizen. Digital citizenship is all about the responsible and appropriate use of technology. Like any other community, it requires its members to behave in a mature and civil manner. It is the responsibility of good digital citizens to ensure that digital users have safe and pleasurable experiences.

Digital Citizenship Defined

Good digital citizens adhere to the established rules and norms of the digital society. The following interactions define what occurs in digital citizenship.

  • Access – Digital citizens have different levels of access.
  • Law – Digital citizens have a responsibility to behave ethically and be aware of the laws governing them.
  • Commerce – Consumers need to be aware of what they are purchasing and the legality of their purchases.
  • Security – Digital citizens must take action to protect their information online.
  • Communication – Digital citizens need to make wise decisions in what and how they communicate.
  • Literacy – Technological literacy requires digital citizens to keep up to date with digital changes.
  • Rights and Responsibilities – The rights of all users are shared equally, and these rights come with responsibilities.
  • Etiquette – Digital citizens need to follow etiquette when communicating with others.

Engaging With Others Online

Even though digital citizens communicate, collaborate, learn and share online, it is important that they behave as though those with whom they are engaging are in the room with them.

Tips for engaging online:

  • Be patient – Build relationships slowly, aggressive attempts at communication can make people uncomfortable.
  • Dialogue – Begin discussions by asking and answering questions.
  • Share Sparingly – Although it is important to share information, be careful not to make people feel that they  are being spammed.
  • Maintain Relationships – Build new relationships without neglecting existing relationships.
  • Be Respectful – If you are not sure if something is respectful, do not type or say it.

The Digital World is Constantly Evolving

Changes in technology are occurring at a fast pace. Technology is changing the way we work, shop and communicate. Social media, although being fairly new, has become an integral part of society. The changes in technology necessitate a change in the way we interact with it. Your team needs to pay attention to these changes in order to remain relevant in their work and social lives. Technology is constantly changing, and your team needs to change with it.

Belonging to a Community

With distance no longer limiting our ability to communicate, communication has become easy, inexpensive and instantaneous. There are various methods available to communicate digitally such as text, email, social media and instant messaging. Because communication is such an intricate part of a community, the digital world can help improve communities. As part of a community, you have a responsibility to communicate respectfully and expand relationships. It takes time for a healthy community to develop and members need to invest their time and interest.

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