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The Importance of Discipline in Teamwork

The Importance of Discipline in Teamwork


Discipline can be defined as doing those things that you do not want to do so that you can do the things that you really want to do. It is paying the price in the little things so that you can obtain the bigger things. In the same way that no individual can succeed without discipline, no team can be successful without discipline.

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Team Members Need Discipline in Three Areas

  1. Disciplined Thinking: You need disciplined thinking if you want to get anywhere in live. You can develop disciplined thinking by keeping your mind active, regularly taking on mental challenges and continually talking about the right things.
  2. Disciplined Emotions: You can either master your emotions or be mastered by them. Mastering your emotions does not mean you have to turn off your feelings. You master your emotions by not allowing them to prevent you from doing what you should do or doing what you should not.
  3. Disciplined Actions: It is actions that separate winners from losers. Whenever a team member practices disciplined actions, other people that depend on them, benefit.

How to Become a More Disciplined Team Member

  • Strengthen your work habits. Do what needs to be done and how it needs to be done, whether you like doing it or not. To be disciplined is to do the right things for the right reasons at the right time. Look to do something every day that is unpleasant for you to do but that has to be done.
  • Take on a challenge. To help strengthen your mind and resolve, look for a task or project that will put you in over your head. Something that will require you to think sharply and act with discipline. If you keep challenging yourself in this manner, you will find yourself capable of more than you ever imagined.
  • Be disciplined in what you say. Stop yourself from saying things that you should not. When you feel like lashing out, hold your tongue for five minutes. When you give yourself time to calm down, you will see the situation more rationally. If you use this strategy repeatedly, you will find yourself in better command of your emotions.

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