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Training a New Team Leader

Training a New Team Leader

Training a new team leader has its challenges. A team leader that has been promoted from within the team will have to learn to transition from their previous position to this new one. A new team leader brought in from outside the team will have to be taught everything from scratch. It requires a little patience and open communication to train a new team leader for success in their position.

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Set Specific Goals for the Team Leader

It is essential to establish clear goals when you start training a new team leader. Involve the new team leader and ask what they would like to accomplish. The goals should be realistic and be achievable by the team in a reasonable amount of time.  Be specific, the more detailed the plan, the more the team leader will know what is expected of them.

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Authority of the Team Leader

It is necessary that a new team leader asserts their authority to the team. For this to happen successfully, the team leader needs to know what authority they have. You can help the team leader by drawing up a list of what the leader has authority over and what areas they control. Remind the team leader that they can come to you if there is a problem.

Create a Shared Vision

Determine what you expect from the team by creating a shared vision with the new team leader. This will benefit both you and the team leader as both parties can share what they are hoping to achieve. Work with the team leader from the beginning so that they know they have the proper support form management. It is important that you are open with them and that they know what you want form them. Allow the new leader to speak openly with you about what they want and how they plan to get there. Work with the team leader to establish a vision that has realistic goals that you can both help the other to achieve. Schedule follow-up meetings to let them know how they are doing.

Guidelines for creating a shared vision with a new team leader:

  • Be specific with the vision and the feedback.
  • Focus on goals and progress that the team leader can reasonably achieve.
  • Form a plan that can help illustrate how your shared vision can be reached.
  • Arrange regular follow-up meetings.

Increase Responsibility

Becoming a new team leader is a learning process. To start out, give the team leader a fair load of responsibilities and duties. Monitor the progress of the leader and see how they handle themselves. Gradually increase their responsibilities as they grow and learn. Moderation is the key, don’t overload the new team leader too quickly otherwise they might lose interest and fail to succeed in their position.

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