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Murder Mystery Games for Team Building

I love to watch murder mysteries, and I am always trying to solve the crime before the culprit is revealed. Although I am not always that good at it, usually suspecting the entire cast by the end of the movie or episode, it is always exciting when I get it right.  It is this feeling of excitement that has made murder mystery games a popular form of entertainment at parties. Murder mystery games are also extremely popular for corporate team building as it brings people together in a fun manner. This event can also easily be incorporated in to a function where food is served.

Murder Mystery Games for Team Building

In a murder mystery game,  there is usually a participant who is knowingly or unknowingly the murderer. The rest of the players are given the task of doing some detective work to find out the identity of the murderer. The murder can take place either at the beginning of the event or during the course of the event. Murder mystery games are most often played out during a sit-down meal at dinner and are also referred to as Murder Mystery Dinners.

In the turn-based variant of the murder mystery game, information regarding the murder is progressively released to the players during the course of the game.  The players learn more about the plot and environment as more information is released. At each turn, as more information is revealed, the players are prompted to ask questions or read lines from a script. This variant of the game is especially suited for sit-down dinners or lunches.

For a more interactive version of the murder mystery game, most of the information on the murder is revealed at the start of the game and the players determine how the case must be solved. More objectives can be brought in to the game such as finding out the richest character or discovering other secrets unrelated to the murder. The purpose of this variant of the game is to create interaction between players, making it ideally suited for team building. The game is easier played out along with a buffet type meal as players need to interact and mingle without being overheard by other players.

Another option is to set up eight to ten characters as suspects, each with their own detailed background and story. The rest of the players are the detectives, given the task of interrogating the suspects to find the holes in their story. Some of the players may be given some of the facts before hand and plot twists may be added to make things more intriguing.

Murder mystery dinner games are ideal for team building. Employees get to know each other better in a relaxed and social manner. The props and costumes always generate a lot of laughter and players tend to come out of their shell as they become the characters whom they are portraying. Guests arrive for dinner looking like their character role with the facilitators supplying all the costumes, characters, scripts and clues. The fun begins as each person tries to prove their innocence by proving someone else at their table guilty.

The murder plot is played out over a meal. A “murder” is announced, and this becomes an excuse for the guests to enter a period, during which they tend to reveal fabrications, deceit and cover-ups. The murder mystery facilitator will walk the guests through the game and set the stage for the Murder Mystery theme. I highly recommend the murder mystery game for your next team building event, it is guaranteed to be a memorable experience filled with fun and laughter.

Murder Mystery Team Building


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