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How To Build a Persistent Team

How To Build a Persistant Team

Persistence in a team is that little difference that makes a big difference. It is a quality that separates teams that achieve success from those who only dream about success. Nothing worth achieving comes easy and your team will have to develop tenacity and persistence to be successful. These two important qualities are mainly learned from developing the habit of following through on commitments when the team members do not feel like it. The following is a four point plan for encouraging stamina and resistance in your team.

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Find a Purpose for the Team

Having  a sense of purpose keeps a team going in the midst of adversity, it is the fuel that powers persistence. The resolution to succeed is one of  the most important desires your team should have, and that resolution comes from having a sense of purpose.

Eliminate Excuses in the Team

Having desire alone is not enough to get your team through failures, they also need to learn to forget about their excuses and keep moving forward. No matter how many missed opportunities your team has had or mistakes they made, they must never make excuses. Encourage your team to take complete responsibility for themselves and keep on trying.

Develop Some Incentives for the Team

Good incentives go a long way to encourage your team to remain tenacious. Giving  your team worthwhile incentives to win short races will help attaining a long-term goal seem less formidable. The incentive must match the goal. Don’t make incentives for small objectives too big otherwise you might undermine the team’s desire to keep going. Keep the following points in mind when developing incentives for your team:

  • Reward only after the goal is reached
  • Divide the process into stages to multiply the rewards
  • Include others to increase accountability and make achievement more enjoyable

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Cultivate Determination in the Team

To develop long term persistence in your team, you need to cultivate inward determination on a continual basis. Keep on inspiring your team with stories of people who tried and failed but kept going.


Source: Failing Forward, John C. Maxwell


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