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The Importance of Problem Solving for Team Leaders

The Importance of Problem Solving for Team Leaders

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Every problem you encounter as a team leader will show you how you think and what you are made of. Your ability to solve problems effectively comes from experience facing and overcoming obstacles. Each time you solve a problem you get a little better at the process. A team leader will never get good at problem-solving unless they keep on trying even when they fail. Team leaders will always face problems no matter in which field they are. The effective team leader is the leader that rises to the occasion to solve the problem.

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Qualities of Team Leaders with Problem Solving Abilities

They Anticipate Problems
Effective team leaders anticipate problems, knowing that problems are inevitable. If you expect the road ahead to always be smooth, you will not be able to solve the problems that come your way. Although it is important always to keep a positive attitude, planning for the worst will place you in a position to solve the problems that you encounter.

They Accept the Truth
There are different ways that people respond to problems. Some refuse to accept the problem, others accept the problem and just put up with it. Effective leaders are those that accept the problem and try to make things better. Team leaders cannot lead their team through troubled waters if they have their heads in the sand. To be an effective leader you have to face up to the reality of a situation.

They See the Big Picture
It is essential that team leaders must always keep the big picture in mind. As a team leader, you cannot afford to be overwhelmed by emotion nor get so bogged down by details that you lose sight of what is important.

They Handle One Thing at a Time
Tackle your problems, one problem at a time. Do not get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of your problems and then try and dabble at problem-solving. If you are facing a lot of problems, fully solve the one you are working on before moving to the next.

They Do Not Give Up a Major Goal When They are Down
Effective leaders make major decisions during a positive swing in their leadership and not during dark times. Never give up while you are going through the valley.

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How Team Leaders Can Improve Their Problem-Solving Skills

Look for Problems to Solve
If you are someone that usually avoids problems, start looking for problems to solve. You can only get better at problem-solving when you gain experiencing at dealing with problems. Find situations that need fixing and come up with several viable solutions. Take your problem to more experienced problem solvers. Learn from their decisions how they think when handling difficult situations.

Develop a Problem Solving Method
Some team leaders may struggle with solving problems only because they do not know how to tackle them. The following is a problem-solving process you can follow:

  • Establish the real problem
  • Find out what others have done
  • Have your team study all the angles
  • Brainstorm multiple possible solutions
  • Implement the best solution

Surround Yourself with Problem Solvers
If you are not a good problem solver, bring others who are into your team. They will immediately compliment your weakness, and you will learn from them.

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