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Quick Team Building Activities That Are Easy to Set Up

Quick Team Building Activities

Team building activities motivates and brings your team together. These activities teach your team members to work together and communicate clearly and effectively. There are numerous team building activities that target different outcomes which will benefit your team immensely. In this article, we will be sharing with you some quick and easy to set up activities that will get your team working together and communicating effectively.

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The Magic Carpet
All you need for this team building activity is a large piece of cloth. The size of the cloth will depend on the size of the group participating in the activity. Get each member of the group to stand on the piece of cloth. The group needs to work as a team to turn over the piece of cloth (the carpet) while they are standing on it. They have to turn over the cloth without any body part touching the floor.

Marble Run
For this team building activity,  you will need four short dowel sticks and a marble. Set up a starting point and a finishing goal. The object of this activity is to roll the marble from the starting point to the finishing goal using the four dowel sticks. If the marble falls to the ground at any time, the team has to start again.

What is the Difference?
Divide your team into two groups of equal amounts and ask them to face each other. One line is told to turn around, and the other team is given 40 seconds to change five to ten things about themselves. They can change their jewelry, swap clothing items, untie shoelaces, and change their hair or anything else that the other team can see. When 40 seconds are over, the line that was turned around can turn back again and try and find all the changes that were made. After all the changes have been recognized, the other line gets a turn to make the changes.

Blindfolded Collection
For this team building activity, you will need to place a variety of objects on the ground. Two members of the team are blindfolded, and the rest of the team needs to direct the two blindfolded team members to the objects that they need to pick up. Each team member must get a chance to be blindfolded.

Line Up the Feet
This team building activity is suitable for smaller teams. Ask the team to line up and then blindfold everyone in the line. The team now has to rearrange themselves according to their shoe size without talking to each other. This activity encourages team work and creative communication skills.

Memory Game
In this team building activity, the team needs to build a replica of a structure. Teams are given all the pieces required to build the structure, but the example is not in front of them. The sample structure is placed away from the team where it cannot be seen. Only one team member at a time is allowed to view the example. They can go back and forth as many times as needed, but only one team member at a time is allowed to look. The activity is completed when the team produces the replica of the example correctly. This activity will test the team’s ability to communicate and work together.

Hula Hoop Down
A Hula Hoop is all that is required for this team building activity. Divide the team into smaller groups and ask them to stand in a circle. The group is given a Hula Hoop which they need to lower from waist high to the ground, only using their fingers. It is more difficult than it sounds, and the team will have to work together to lower the Hula Hoop to the ground.

Egg Package
For this activity, you need to split the team into two groups. Each team is given the task of building an ‘egg package’ out of various materials that are provided beforehand. The ‘egg package’ must be able to sustain the eight foot drop of an egg. Each team must give a presentation about their ‘egg package’ explaining how it works and what makes it unique. After the presentation, the egg is dropped to see if their ‘egg package’ works.


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