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The Importance of Relationships for Team Leaders

The Importance of Relationships for Team Leaders

How are your people skills? If your relational skills are weak, your leadership will suffer. To be an effective team leader, the ability to work with people is essential. You may have people skills and not be a good leader, but you cannot be a good leader without people skills.

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Cultivate and Manage Solid Relationships as a Team Leader

Understand Your Team Members To be an effective relational leader you need to develop the ability to understand how people feel and think. It is important to understand that most people have the following things in common:

  • People like to feel special, look for opportunities to sincerely compliment them.
  • People want a brighter future, give them hope.
  • People desire direction, navigate for them.
  • People are inherently selfish, speak to their needs first.
  • People experience emotional lows, encourage them.
  • People want to succeed, help them win.

Treat each team member as an individual; understand them and connect with them. Be wary not to treat all your team members the same. Adapt your leadership style to the person you are leading.

Love People Leadership is about more than just wanting to lead. To be an effective team leader you have to have empathy for others and find the best in people. You will not be the type of leader that your team wants to follow unless you love people.

Help People Your team will respect you as their leader if you keep their interests in mind. Focus on what you can put into your team and not what you can get out of your team. Love and respect are the foundation for building solid relationships.

How Team Leaders Can Improve Their Relationships

Improve Your Mind
If you need to improve your ability to understand people you can start by reading several books on the subject. Then spend more time observing people and applying what you have learnt.

Strengthen Your Heart
If you find that you are not as caring towards others as you should, you need to take the focus of yourself. Find things you can do for others that will add value to their life. Do not wait until you feel like helping others, act your way into feeling.

Repair a Hurting Relationship
Do want you can to restore a long term relationship that has faded. Get in touch with the person and try to reconnect. If there was a falling out, take responsibility for your part and apologize. Try to better understand, love and serve that person.


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