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26 Ice Breakers for Your Virtual Team Meetings

Ice Breakers for Virtual Team Meetings

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Virtual Team Meeting ice breakers are short activities that are designed to ease the participants into your virtual team meeting. They could include discussions or games that break down walls between the people in your virtual team. It is always easier to start conversations when the participants of your virtual team meeting are more relaxed and comfortable with each other.

With more people working remotely these days, using ice breakers at the start of a virtual team meeting is vital in breaking down barriers and generating a connected and open discussion. Remote workers often have a feeling of loneliness and creating a space for interactions is crucial. Virtual team meeting ice breakers lightens the mood and helps keep the attention of your remote working team throughout the meeting.

The following are examples of ice breakers you can use that will help your next virtual team meeting be an engaged and energized experience.

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My Story in Six Words

In this ice-breaker, the virtual team members have to creatively explain their life story using only six words, and the other team members can join in and discuss their choice. For example, a team member can say: “The greatest encounters can occur randomly” for when they met their favorite celebrity. This is a creative way to encourage the team members to want to know more about each other.


In this ice-breaker activity for virtual team meetings, participants get to find out something unique about each other while sharing something unique about them. It could be something as simple as a holiday, hobby, or award. One by one the team members try to come up with something that is the most unique without anyone else also having done that. Once a unique fact has been found, it is the next team member’s turn.

Follow Me

In this ice-breaker one of the virtual team meeting participants have to take the lead and make everyone else follow their movements, but only if the leader says: “Follow Me” beforehand. When the movements increase in pace, the participants will start to forget about the phrase and just go along with the movements. These people are eliminated, and the last person standing wins.

What’s your preference?

Help your remote working team get to know each other by having them answer some light and fun personal questions. Use your company culture to choose what questions to ask some of these questions:

What is the best way to eat pizza? What talent or skill do you wish you had? What is your favourite sound? Who is your favourite villain?

Team members will feel closer to each other once they find out that they share common ideas and interests.

Emoji Greet

Each team member selects an emoji that describes their current feelings when checking in or about a project.

Questions in Colour

Each virtual team member needs to answer a work or non-work related question based on a randomly generated colour.

Embarrassing Photos

Get to know your team members on a personal level with plenty of laughs by finding an embarrassing or funny photo on your phone, album, or bookshelf and share it with your team.

Quickfire Questions

Get to know your team with prepared quick questions. Each team member answers the question and everybody gets to know each other.

Where would you be right now?

As the title suggests, simply ask the question: “Where would you be right now?” The remote working team members can answer using tools such as Google Maps, images or simply just saying where.

Let me give you the tour

In this virtual team ice-breaker, the participants become tour guides giving the rest of the team members a virtual tour of their immediate surroundings. This ice-breaker will give your team a feeling of being connected physically, even though they are working remotely.

Image Charades

This ice-breaker for virtual team meetings is the same as traditional charades, except that you may only use 5 images to try and explain your book, movie, celebrity, etc.

10 Shared Things

In this ice-breaker activity, you ask your team to come up with 10 things that everyone in the group has in common – we are all wearing shoes, we all have a notepad, etc. This virtual ice breaker can be varied by asking the team members to find 10 things in common in their immediate areas.

Where are you from?

A great virtual ice breaker for teams located in a wide range of areas. Initiate the meeting with the question: “Where are you from?”  As the team members post their locations, give them a shout-out.

Team Portrait

Take a screenshot of everyone’s funny face, gesture, etc in the meeting and share your team portrait.

One Word Summary

Ask the team members to summarize their feelings about a project or the team. You can also ask them to summarize their feelings with one colour. A fun ice breaker that also gives you an overall picture of how the team is feeling.

Remote Body Language

Create visual signals such as handshakes, hearts, or thumbs up that help team members to express themselves without needing to un-mute the microphone.

Quiz Show

This is a fun ice-breaker that energises the team and makes team members excited for the next virtual meeting. Start with one to three questions at the start of every meeting

Mood Scale

Check the overall feeling and mood of your team at the start of the virtual meeting. Ask them how they feel on a scale of 1 – 10 and use the results to further the discussion and allow team members to share their thoughts.

Time to get physical

Simple physical exercises do a lot to get team members to fire up and to clear their heads for a short while. It does not need to be strenuous. Allow a team member to lead a few quick stretch exercises or ask them to stand a jump a few times.


Everyone needs a morale boost now and then and even more so when working remotely. Honour the team members who went the extra mile. Ask team members to vote for their hero this month. Start your next meeting by honouring the effort of your team.


Highlights is another great ice breaker that you can use to lift the morale of your team. Get team members to post their top achievements before the meeting. When the meeting starts, display all of the achievements in your team and give a shout out to each one. It is always good to remind people of the great work that they are doing.

Remote Coffee Break

Before the meeting, have a video chat with your team members for an informal catch-up. Socialising helps those working remotely, even if it is through a screen.

Spot the Lie

Get to know each other better with this fun ice breaker. Gather one false fact along with two true facts of each team member and put them into a multiple-choice poll. Team members then need to guess which fact of the particular team member is a lie. Also, ask the team member to share a story behind the facts.

Remote Fashion Police

There is a myth that people only wear pyjamas all day long when working remotely. Have a fun poll to lighten the atmosphere and loosen people up by letting them check up on team members’ work clothes. You could also ask them to take pictures of their shoes!

Virtual DJ

Music always helps people loosen up a little. Choose a team member to play some music while others join the virtual team meeting. Some team members might even start dancing!


It is said that doodling helps people be more creative as well as attentive. Ask your team members to get a pen and paper and get them to doodle some pictures. After the meeting, have them share their unique artwork by showing it to their cameras.