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The Importance of Relationships in Teamwork

The Importance of Relationships in Teamwork


To be successful, a team needs its team members to be relational and work at building healthy relationships. The more robust the relationships between team members, the more the team will operate as a unit. Healthy relationships are the glue that keeps a team together.

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Respect in Relationships

Respect is the most important beginning point in any relationship. Respect can be defined as the desire to place value on others. You cannot truly show respect to someone if you privately feel that they do not have any value. Where respect often needs to be shown before a person does anything to earn it, you should expect to have to earn your respect from others. Respect from others is earned the quickest when you face and overcome challenges.

Shared Experiences

It is not possible to build a relationship with someone you do not know. To build relationships within a team, it requires shared experiences among the team members over time. Constantly having new team members coming into the team means less shared experiences that are essential for the success of the team.

Trust in Relationships

Trust is one of the essential ingredients to all healthy relationships. Without trust among team members, relationships in the team will not be sustained for any length of time.

Reciprocity in Relationships

A relationship that is one-sided will not last long. Where one person is always giving and the other always taking, you cannot have a healthy relationship. The same is also true for relationships within a team. To build a team that is successful, you need team members that not only take, but are willing to give as well so that everyone benefits.

Mutual Enjoyment

As relationships in the team grow stronger over time, team members begin to enjoy each other’s company more. The enjoyment of just being together turns unpleasant tasks into positive experiences.

How to Improve Your Relationships with Other Team Members

  1. Focus on Other Team Members. The team is not about you. Focusing on others rather than yourself is one of the most important steps in building relationships. You can focus on others by always thinking of things to give or do for your team members, without you benefitting from them.
  2. Ask the Right Questions. Get to know your team members better by asking them questions about their hopes, desires, and goals. Find out what makes them smile and what makes them Get to know who they are by carefully listening to their answers.
  3. Share Common Experiences. Sharing everyday experience will help the team develop common ground. Time spend together while working as a team is essential to building a team. Time should also be spent together outside the regular team environment. Socialize together and find ways to share your lives.
  4. Make Others Feel Special. Make sure that everyone on the team feels This can be accomplished by giving others your full attention when you are with them. Give genuine compliments and recognize others in front of their peers. Your team members are more likely to connect with you when you show them that you care about them.

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