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Winning Teams are Solution-Oriented

Winning Teams are Solution-Oriented

Are you someone that sees a problem in every situation or do you see a solution in every challenge? Who you are determines what you see. When you are facing a problem you can respond in one of four ways: you can run away from it, fight it, forget it or face it. It does not require any special ability to see problems. The difference makers are those that think in terms of solutions instead of problems. If your team is filled with people with solution-oriented mindsets, you have a winning team. Anyone has the potential to become solution-oriented.

Truths that Solution-Seeking People Recognize

  1. Problems are a matter of perspective. Something is only a problem if you believe that it is a problem. You need to view problems as temporary setbacks, interim obstacles or solutions in the making. Obstacles and setbacks are part of life; you cannot avoid them but you do not have to allow them to become problems. Determine to meet these challenges with a solution-oriented attitude.
  2. There is a solution to every problem. If you want to become solution-oriented, you need to cultivate an attitude that sees all problems as solvable.
  3. Problems will either stop you or they will stretch you. Depending on how you approach them, all problems have the potential of either hurting you or stretching you. Do not allow problems to stop you from succeeding, but let it stretch you to overcome. Choose to see problems as an opportunity to become a better person.

How to Become a More Solution Oriented Team Member

  1. Be someone that refuses to give up. The same situation can cause one person to say “I give up” and another to say “what a great opportunity”. Revisit those challenges that you and your team have all but given up on and be determined not to give up until you find a solution.
  2. Refocus your thinking. Sustained thinking is a sure way of overcoming any problem that your team may come up against. Set aside a specific time with your team to work on the problem. Choose a time when everyone is still fresh and able to focus.
  3. Rethink your strategy. Break free from the limitations of your typical thinking patterns. Break a few rules and brainstorm some absurd ideas. Redefine the problem and find ways to generate fresh ideas and approaches.
  4. Repeat the process. Do not stop working on the problem if you do not find a solution, keep working on the problem. When you find a solution to the problem, repeat the process with another problem. Make it your goal to cultivate a constant solution-oriented attitude.

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