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Overcoming Setbacks and Starting Again


“I have studied the lives of great men and famous women and I found that the men and women who got the top were those who did the jobs they had in hand with everything they had of energy, enthusiasm, and hard work.” – Harry S. Truman

President Abraham Lincoln is a role model for many leaders. Lincoln led the United States through its Civil War, which was its bloodiest war and greatest moral, constitutional, and political crisis. His strong leadership helped to preserve the United States, abolish slavery, strengthen the federal government, and modernize the economy of the Union. But I want to draw your attention today to the road that led to him being elected to the White House:

  • Failed in business in 1831
  • Defeated for Legislature in 1832
  • Second failure in business in 1833
  • Suffered a nervous breakdown in 1836
  • Defeated for Speaker in 1838
  • Defeated for Elector in 1840
  • Defeated for Congress in 1843
  • Defeated for Congress in 1848
  • Defeated for Senate in 1855
  • Defeated for Vice President in 1856
  • Defeated for Senate in 1858
  • Elected President in 1860

As you can see,  Abraham Lincoln had to endure many setbacks before he was elected as president. How do your setbacks, which have stolen your dreams, compare to this list? If you are like me, looking at this list will make you realize that we give up way too quickly on our dreams.

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Most people have the seed of greatness in them, yet they are never inspired, encouraged or committed to do anything with what they have. Opportunity lies around us in many strange and interesting forms, waiting to be seized.

Every large corporation or successful team started somewhere. It started with an idea in the mind of one person, who shared it with others who caught the dream. You must start somewhere, so start working on your dream today, start where you are. Do not let your setbacks stop you from fulfilling your destiny.



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