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The Importance of Being Teachable for Team Leaders

 The Importance of Being Teachable for Team Leaders

Team leaders that have had some achievements face the danger of contentment. If you already possess influence and have achieved a level of respect, why should you keep growing? The truth is that your growth determines who you are, who you are determines who you attract and who you attract determines your success.

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Guidelines to Help You Develop and Maintain a Teachable Attitude

Beware of Destination Disease.
Lack of being teachable is often rooted in achievement. Team leaders often make the error of thinking that if they accomplish a particular goal they no longer have to grow. If you want to be an effective leader that makes an impact on people, you cannot afford to think that way. If you stop growing you are not only forfeiting your own potential but also the potential of your team.

Overcome Your Success.
Success is often the cause of a lack of being teachable. What gets you to the top will not necessary keep you there. If you still think that what you did in the past is big, it simply means you have not done much today.

Avoid Taking Shortcuts.
Shortcuts often end up being the longest distance between two points. Anything worthwhile doing has a price attached to it. If you want to grow in a certain area, figure out the price to pay and be determined to pay it.

Let Go of Your Pride.
Team leaders that are teachable are people who are willing to admit they do not know everything. If you are to keep growing, you have to be prepared to make mistakes. You cannot be prideful and teachable at the same time. To grow, you need to give up your pride.

Never Pay Twice for The Same Mistake.
You cannot progress without making mistakes along the way. But the team leader that keeps making the same mistakes is not making any progress. While you should forget your mistakes and move on, never forget what those mistakes taught you.

How Team Leaders Can Become More Teachable

Observe Your Reaction to Your Mistakes.
Observe how you react when you make a mistake. Do you admit your mistakes, apologize when appropriate or are you defensive. Get an honest opinion from a trusted friend. If you react badly to your mistake or do not react at all, you will have to work on being more teachable.

Try Something New.
Stretch yourself mentally, emotionally or physically by trying something new. Challenges change people for the better. If you are serious about growing as a leader, you will have to make new challenges part of your daily activities.

Learn in Your Area of Strength.
Read books on leadership and your field of specialization. Continuing to learn in the area where you are already an expert, prevents you from becoming jaded.

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