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Shark Cage Diving Extreme Team Building Events in Cape Town

Shark Cage Diving Extreme Team Building Events in Cape Town

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If you want to get your team’s adrenaline pumping, a shark cage diving experience is the perfect team building event. The White Shark Diving Company will take you closer than ever before to one of nature’s most astonishing creatures.

The cage diving takes place in Gansbaai, about two hours drive from Cape Town. Gansbaai is known as the great white shark capital of the world. The over  50,000 seals that reside close to the area are an excellent food source for the great white sharks. The actual dive takes place out at Dyer Island which is situated off the coast of Gansbaai. The Great White Shark is a surface feeder and thus all their activity takes place on or very close to the surface, due to this, the surface viewing from the boat is excellent.

What to Expect From the Shark Cage Diving Tour

You departure to the cage diving site usually takes place in the early hours of the morning. The boat will depart with groups of up to 20 people maximum. The amount of passengers per trip is limited to ensure that each diver receives maximum cage time. The ride to dive site takes about 20 minutes and you will be anchored there for up to four hours. Five people at a time can enter the cage and for the first dive you will be in the cage for about thirty minutes.

The shark is lured to the cage by the crew and you are told to take a deep breath and go down when the shark reaches the cage. With the intimidating predator just an inch away, you’ll want to stay under water as long as you can.

A great white shark cage diving tour includes:

  • Transport to Gansbaai from Cape Town CBD and Somerset West
  • Delicious muffin and drink on arrival
  • Extensive safety briefing
  • Education about great white sharks
  • Scenic boat tour
  • Shark Alley visit (only in winter)
  • Sandwiches & snacks on the boat
  • Wetsuit & equipment (diving masks, hoods and boots)
  • Diving equipment guidance by shark expert
  • Shark cage dive
  • Towel
  • Lunch, salad, coffee and tea upon return
  • Optional DVD at the end of the day for R350.

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The Amazing Place Team Building Venue in Sandton

Team Building Venue in Sandton

The Amazing Place is situated in the Woodmead suburb of Sandton. The venue offers small to medium size conferences, functions and team building events in a beautiful garden setting. The Amazing Place also offers an excellent alternative to the standard conference room in their bedouin tent.

The Amazing Place has excellent facilities for a wide variety of team building activities. The activities are facilitated on lush green lawns among beautiful gardens. The venue is suitable for a variety of outdoor team building activities including Potjiekos Cooking Competition, Tribal Survivor Challenge, Wacky, Wet, Weird and Wonderful, SA Mini Olympics, Corporate Fun Day, Boeresport, Sports Day and Hitting the Target.

The Amazing Place’s conference rooms are also suited for indoor team building activities such as Minute to Win It, Murder Mystery, Drumming, Movie Making, Creative Construction and Art Workshop.

Some of the recent team building events at The Amazing Place included companies such as Nobel Biocare South Africa, Standard Bank, Ottobock and FNB.

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More team building venues in Sandton.


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The Ultimate Event Planning Checklist

Event Planning Checklist

Hosting a successful event can seem daunting and requires a lot of planning. To help you with your event planning, we have put together the following checklist.

Planning the Event

  1. Determine the event topic.
  2. Finalize a date.
  3. Set goals for the event.
  4. Create a budget.
  5. Select and finalize host/speakers.
  6. Brainstorm & finalize a hashtag for the event.
  7. Find & finalize a venue for the event.

Final Preparations

Make arrangements for event resources:

  1. Food/Drinks
  2. Computers/Projectors/Microphones
  3. Badges or ID Stickers

Create emails to send to prospective registrants and attendees:

  1. Invitation
  2. Reminder
  3. Second Reminder
  4. (Day of) Follow Ups

Invite guests!

Promote your event.

Day of the Event

  1. Arrive early to event space Double check to make sure you have everything you need in terms of refreshments, technology, and support materials.
  2. Post to social media using your hashtag, before and during the event.
  3. Prepare an icebreaker game.
  4. Send out day-of reminder email to all registrants.
  5. Record the event using photo & video to include in post- event promotion.
  6. If the meetup will occur on a regular basis, inform the attendees of the next meeting date.


  1. Send out follow up emails. Send an email to all the attendees, thanking them for coming, and a separate “Sorry We Missed You” email to registrants who did not attend.
  2. Write a blog post recapping the event. Be sure to use the video and photos you took during the event.
  3. Send out post-event survey to all attendees.
  4. Revisit your goals & do post-event evaluation.


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TBAE Team Building Events 2013


As this year draws to an end, we want to thank everybody that helped make this year TBAE’s most successful year yet. We are grateful to God for blessing us with phenomenal growth this year. Thanks to all the companies and teams that chose us to facilitate and coordinate their team building events. We also like to thank the TBAE team for their outstanding work, faithfulness and loyalty. All of you played a crucial part in making this an excellent year, and we are looking forward to many exciting things for TBAE in the year to come. Thank you to all the venues and their staff for your share in making our team building events such a success, may your venues go from strength to strength.

We wish you all a blessed Christmas and a prosperous new year.

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Team Building Benefits of Laughter

Team Building Benefits of Laughter

There are numerous ways in which your team will benefit from a team building event. Team building activities help the participants to perform better as a team and improve skills within the team such as time management, focus, lateral thinking, problem solving and goal setting. Team building events also help your team to get to know each other better. Strength and weaknesses come to the fore in the activities, and hidden leadership qualities are often discovered.

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Team building events are also about having fun and laughing together. Laughter is a powerful way to combat stress and conflict. Humor lightens burdens, connects you to others and inspires hope. It is an excellent resource for surmounting problems and enhancing relationships within a team. Laughter relaxes the body, boosts the immune system, releases feel good chemicals and even keeps your heart healthier.

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Laughter is highly contagious, just hearing laughter is enough to make you smile and wanting to join in the fun. Laughter and playful communication strengthen relationships by fostering emotional connections and positive feelings between team members. Laughing together creates a bond that acts as a buffer against stress and disagreements. Shared laughter is also an excellent tool for keeping relationships fresh and building strong relationship bonds. Humor is an effective way to heal resentments and unites people during difficult times.

Being able to laugh, play and have fun together makes being part of a team more enjoyable and helps the team to solve problems, connect with each other and be more creative. Playing with a problem can often lead to a creative learning opportunity. Make laughter, humor and play a prominent part of your team and creativity will thrive in your team. Humor will give your team a new perspective that is more relaxed, creative, positive, balanced and joyful. So have fun with your team and create opportunities to laugh together.

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Team Building Ideas for Winter

Team building events in the winter months can be just as much fun as in the summer months. TBAE’s has a wide range of team building activities for the winter that can easily be enjoyed indoors. These events can be facilitated at your own venue or a venue that TBAE will arrange. The following is some of TBAE’s team building activities suitable for those cold winter days and nights.

Team Building Ideas for Winter
Moro Group’s Minute to Win It Team Building Event

Escape Room
The short explanation of a Escape Room activity is that the participants are locked into themed rooms and they then need to work-out all the hidden clues and overcome some pressurised tasks so that they can escape the locked room before the 60-minute timer hits zero. All our Escape Room activities allow the players to solve puzzles and riddles which in turn opens locks all within an action-packed hour. We guarantee suspense and a lot of laughter…  more info

Frog Derby
TBAE’s Frog Derby allows your team to try their luck as punters and their skills as jockeys. This team building activity is suited for any group size and focuses on decision making, negotiating skills, strategy development, communication and fun. In the Frog Derby activity, your team becomes the proud owner of a “racing frog” – but only for the evening! To start the activity, frogs are auctioned and sold to the highest bidding team. Each team has to select their jockeys and with betting booths opened, the racing can begin…

A Day at the Races
TBAE’s A Day at the Races team building activity is suitable for any group size and focuses on decision making, negotiating skills, strategy development, communication and fun. Your team will feel as if they are at the races with real horses and their jockeys battling it out on the big screen. Depending on the time available for the activity, the race card for the day can consist of up to seven races. Participants will be given time to study the form books before they place the bets with the bookies. A wide variety of bet types are available to keep both the novice and experienced punter interested… more info

Creative Construction
The “Creative Construction” team building event, emphasises the importance of creativity, planning and teamwork in the workplace through a number of challenges involving building or construction. Some of the activities included are Hidden Bridge Building, The Longest Bridge, No Lose Ends, Mirror and Match, Marshmallow Tower and Model Replication… more info

Minute to Win It
This event is based upon the popular Minute to Win It television program. In this event participants need to complete various activities within a one minute period. Teams compete against each other in challenges that increase in difficulty as the event progresses. The challenges are completed using household objects such as paper cups, uncooked spaghetti, toilet paper, pantyhose and paper clips. The challenges include entertaining games such as Back Flip, Bouncer, Dizzy Mummy, Elephant March, Face the Cookie, Penny Hose, Spoon Frog and Tilt-a-Cup… more info

TBAE’s interactive drumming team building event is an excellent tool for stress release, group bonding, team building and synchronizing of thought processes in the Business environment. Group drumming is a non-competitive activity where each person, regardless of age, sex, race or position within the company has an equal role to play. Drumming helps to overcome barriers of race, language, gender and hierarchy. It is a fun team building activity that encourages spontaneity and laughter… more info

Movie Making
TBAE’S Movie Making team building activity is a great event to get the creative juices flowing. This fun and interactive activity is suitable for everyone regardless of their age, title, fitness level or physical abilities. At the beginning of the Movie Making team building activity, the group is divided into teams using a team building ice breaker. The ice breaker is designed to divide the group up in a way that ‘cliques’ are separated and new relationships formed… more info

Noot vir Noot
This team building event is loosely based upon the popular Noot vir Noot television show. Short snippets of music are played, and the contestants need to guess either the songs name or the name of the artist. A wide range of different music are available that can be customised to suit your group… more info

Murder Mystery
Murder Mystery is a popular indoor team building activity that is perfect for those cold winter days. Guests arrive looking like their character role as a murder plot is played out over a meal. Your Murder Mystery facilitator will set the stage for the theme, and entertaining instructions are given for each stage of the activity. TBAE will provide costumes and fancy dress accessories suitable for all shapes and sizes, which include wigs, make up and murderous accessories… more info

Quiz Master
The Quiz Master team building activity is a fun and innovative way to build camaraderie and team spirit. For this event your group will be divided into teams or you can specify your own teams beforehand. The teams then go on to compete against each other in various quizzes. This activity will challenge your team and get those brain cells working. TBAE’s Quiz Master is not only intellectually stimulating but also side splitting funny… more info

Art Workshop
Get your team’s creativity flowing with an Art Workshop team building event. Participants are divided into teams, and each team is given an individual canvas on which they will  work. At the end of the exercise,  all the canvasses are combined to make one work of art. Each team works on their section of the painting believing that the object of the event is to produce the best work of art on their canvas. While the teams are working on their canvas, they have no idea what the other teams are doing and that they are, in fact, working on a single goal and not competing against each other. The result is a combination of art works, each one having its own unique style but creating one new original work of art… more info

The Voice Challenge
TBAE’s The Voice Challenge team building activity is inspired by The Voice reality television singing competition. The Voice Challenge always results in a lot of laughter as fellow team members try and outdo each other to show off their singing talents. The Voice Challenge starts off with coaches being selected. The coaches will each be responsible for choosing and leading their team. In the first round of The Voice Challenge each person gets an opportunity to sing a song while the appointed coaches will be seated facing away from the singer. If a coach is interested in having the singer on their team they press a buzzer and swing around to face the singer… more info

TBAE’s Karaoke Challenge team building activity is a great way for your team to get to know each other and bond together. The Karaoke Challenge always results in a lot of laughter as fellow team members try and outdo each other to show off their singing talents. TBAE’s Karaoke Challenge is one of the best ways to get your team to laugh together. Laughter plays an important part in team building. Laughter strengthens relationships by fostering emotional connections and positive feelings between team members. Laughing together creates a bond that acts as a buffer against stress and disagreements. Shared laughter is also an excellent tool for keeping relationships fresh and building strong relationship bonds… more info



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Team Building Ice Breaker – ‘Who is Who in the Zoo’

‘Who is Who in the Zoo’ is an excellent Ice Breaker for a team building event, especially where participants need to be divided in to groups. This Ice Breaker helps the participants to get to know each other better in a hilariously funny way while at the same time,  random groups are formed and cliques broken up in a non-threatening way. It is an extremely easy activity to prepare for, and all that is required is a pen and few sheets of paper.

Team Building Ice Breaker

The team building facilitator needs to know beforehand how many participants there will be, and into how many groups they will have to be divided. For each group,  you need to select an animal that will represent that particular group. For example, three groups could be represented by pigs, cows and sheep alternatively. Other suitable animals that you can use are monkeys, elephants, donkeys or any other animal which you can think of that can be acted out.

Now take the number of participants and divide it by the number of groups required, for example, 21 people can be divided into three groups of seven. You will need a small piece of paper for each participant on which you write down a name of an animal. If you have three groups of seven, you will write down one animal on seven pieces of paper and another animal on another seven pieces of paper for the next group and another animal on seven more pieces of paper for the last group. You will then, for example, have seven pieces of paper with the word pigs written on it, seven pieces of paper with the word sheep written on it and seven pieces of paper with the word cows written on it.

All the pieces of paper are mixed up and thrown together in a suitable container such as a hat. Before the team building event starts, and after the facilitator has done the introductions and discussed the purpose of the event, the participants are invited to draw a piece of paper from the container. The participants are told not to show or tell anyone what is written on the paper which they have drawn. When everyone has drawn a piece of paper, all the participants are told that the animal name written on their piece of paper represents the team in which they will participate. They are then told that they need to find their team mates by acting out the animal or making the sound of the animal which represents their team.

The result is usually hilarious chaos, with the various animal actions and sounds the source of considerable entertainment. This Ice Breaker also gives the team building facilitator the opportunity to see how the different personality types react to the task. The facilitator can also see which team members are reluctant to participate. The ‘Who is Who in the Zoo’ team building Ice Breaker is particularly effective to loosen everyone up and prepare each participant for the team building activities ahead.

Image Source: suneko


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Quick and Easy Ice Breakers for Team Building

Ice breakers are a particularly good way to start a conference, team building retreat, company get together or any other social or business event. It helps team members to get to know each other better in an efficient and non-threatening way. The following is a short list of some quick and easy ice breaker games that can be done with little preparation and resources.

Quick and Easy Ice Breakers for Team Building
Team Building Ice Breakers

Paperclip and Straw Sculptures

This is a brilliant activity to start off a team building session and can even be used as a team building exercise on its own. All you need for this ice breaker is a box of straws and a box of paper clips. Participants are divided into groups and given the task to build a structure using only the straws and paperclips provided. The creations that result can be judged on a variety of criteria such as the strongest, tallest, most creative or most functional structure. This activity is not only an effective ice breaker but also encourages teamwork within the group and is particularly useful for identifying leadership skills.

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What I did last night

This ice breaker is ideal for a conference or team building weekend. First thing on the second morning of the event the participants are divided into groups and asked to act out something they did the previous night. It could be the meal they ate, a movie they saw, a place they visited or anything else that may have occurred the previous night. The activity is acted out individually or in groups, in front of all the participants who have to guess what the activity was.

Human Bingo

This tremendously fun way to play Bingo is a remarkably effective ice breaker where participants get know each other better in an informal manner. Little preparation is required as Bingo cards need to be created before hand with categories consisting of things that people may have done before, such as hot air ballooning, skydiving, hunting and bowling. Each participant gets a copy of the card and is told to circulate it among each other. They are then asked to find someone who has done one of the activities on their card and sign their card accordingly. The first participant to get all his/her blocks signed shouts bingo and collects their prize.

All Tied Up

For this ice breaker, all participants are divided up into groups of 6 to 10 members. Each group is asked to from a tight circle, standing and facing each other. The members of the group are instructed to extend their arms and take hold of the hand of another group member. Each hand should be holding another hand, and one person cannot hold both hands of the same person. The result is a knot which the group is told to try and untie without letting go of each other’s hands. Team work is required to complete this task as people climb over and beneath each other’s arms in order to untangle the knot. This activity is not just an excellent ice breaker but is also an extremely beneficial team building activity in its own right. The activity promotes team work and identifies leadership within the group.

Pass the toilet paper please

All you need for this ice breaker is a roll of toilet paper. Circulate the roll of toilet paper through the group and ask each person to take as much of the toilet paper as they need, no further explanation should be given. After each member has received their portion of toilet paper, they are told that they now have to share an fascinating fact or something about themselves for each block of toilet paper that they have.

Happy Birthday

This is a quick ice breaker that requires no preparation. Ask all participants to form a line and then tell them to organize themselves according to the their birth dates, starting from the 1st of January and ending with the 31st of December. The catch is that they have to do this without talking to each other or writing anything down.

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Circle of Friends

This ice breaker is particularly useful for the start of a conference or team building event where a large group of people is involved. It is an especially valuable tool where two different departments come together for the first time. All the participants are asked to make two large circles, one within the other. The participants in the inner circle are asked to face the participants in the outer circle. The participants, facing each other, introduce themselves to each other and then the circles moves slowly in the opposite direction, allowing two new participants to meet each other until all the people in the inner circle had a chance to meet all the people in the outer circle.

Story Telling

Many people may remember this game from their childhood, but it also makes for a fun ice breaker game. The facilitator starts the story with one sentence. Each member of the group has to add to the sentence after repeating the preceding sentences. This usually has hilarious consequences as members try and remember the previous sentences of the story.

Lying Game

In this ice breaker,  each participant is instructed to write down four things about themselves on a piece of paper. Three of these things should be true about themselves, but one should be a lie. As each person reads out the four things about themselves, the rest of the team members write down  one statement that they suspect is a lie. After everybody has read out their four things the first person starts again, this time telling everybody which statement was not true. The rest of the people can then see how successful they were in spotting the lies from the truth.

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Benefits of Drumming as a Team Building Event

Benefits of Drumming as a Team Building Event

In Africa,  the activity of Drumming as long been associated with communication and has been a fundamental group activity in the continent. Historically Drumming as a group activity has been associated with stress release, raising of group morale and enhancing team cooperation. In this blog,  we are going to take a closer look at how Drumming as a team building event reduces stress, improves company morale, enhances cooperation between staff members, improves communication and increases productivity.

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Reduces Stress
Recent studies have proven that participating in drumming activities accelerates physical healing, boosts your immune system and produces feelings of well-being. It can also help to release emotional trauma and create a sense of deep relaxation. The studies show that drumming activities reduces stress in the participants and can even lower the blood pressure of individuals.  Drumming can serve as a distraction from grief and pain, promoting the production of endorphins which is the body’s own painkillers. Studies have been done in groups working in the care industry, and it has been shown that the drumming activities helped reduce stress in the care workers.

Improves Company Morale
A study conducted among 112 long term care workers showed that, after six sessions of Drumming, 46 percent of the workers experienced a significant mood improvement. After six weeks,  this figure increased to 62 percent. Drumming team building events boosts company morale, motivates employees and helps to reduce employee burnout. When staff are motivated, absenteeism decreases, people get along better, and the company becomes a more exciting and pleasurable place to be.

Encourage Cooperation
In Drumming team building activities,  every member of the group is encouraged to participate, and everybody needs to work together. The role of each individual is indispensable. The group nature of Drumming helps to break barriers of race, language, gender and hierarchy. Drumming creates a sense of connectedness and interpersonal support among the participants. A drum circle gives participants the opportunity to connect with a group of like-minded people, alleviating self-centeredness, isolation and alienation.

Improves Communication
In Africa drums was used as one of the earliest forms of communication over long distances. Today Drumming team building events improves group communication among employees. Drumming creates group awareness and helps to develop relationships within the group. Participants experience a sense of connectedness as they work towards a common purpose. Drumming activities promote freedom of expression and highlights the importance of non-verbal communication. Employees are also tested in their ability to follow the instructions communicated to them by the instructor.

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Increases Productivity
As previously mentioned Drumming team building activities reduces stress in participants. This reduction of stress logically leads to healthier staff and, therefore, less absenteeism and higher productivity. The improvement in company morale caused by Drumming helps to reduce burnouts among staff which leads to a lower staff turnover rate. Drumming activities promote communication and a sense of shared vision which, taken into the workplace, can lead to an increase of productivity.


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Murder Mystery Games for Team Building

I love to watch murder mysteries, and I am always trying to solve the crime before the culprit is revealed. Although I am not always that good at it, usually suspecting the entire cast by the end of the movie or episode, it is always exciting when I get it right.  It is this feeling of excitement that has made murder mystery games a popular form of entertainment at parties. Murder mystery games are also extremely popular for corporate team building as it brings people together in a fun manner. This event can also easily be incorporated in to a function where food is served.

Murder Mystery Games for Team Building

In a murder mystery game,  there is usually a participant who is knowingly or unknowingly the murderer. The rest of the players are given the task of doing some detective work to find out the identity of the murderer. The murder can take place either at the beginning of the event or during the course of the event. Murder mystery games are most often played out during a sit-down meal at dinner and are also referred to as Murder Mystery Dinners.

In the turn-based variant of the murder mystery game, information regarding the murder is progressively released to the players during the course of the game.  The players learn more about the plot and environment as more information is released. At each turn, as more information is revealed, the players are prompted to ask questions or read lines from a script. This variant of the game is especially suited for sit-down dinners or lunches.

For a more interactive version of the murder mystery game, most of the information on the murder is revealed at the start of the game and the players determine how the case must be solved. More objectives can be brought in to the game such as finding out the richest character or discovering other secrets unrelated to the murder. The purpose of this variant of the game is to create interaction between players, making it ideally suited for team building. The game is easier played out along with a buffet type meal as players need to interact and mingle without being overheard by other players.

Another option is to set up eight to ten characters as suspects, each with their own detailed background and story. The rest of the players are the detectives, given the task of interrogating the suspects to find the holes in their story. Some of the players may be given some of the facts before hand and plot twists may be added to make things more intriguing.

Murder mystery dinner games are ideal for team building. Employees get to know each other better in a relaxed and social manner. The props and costumes always generate a lot of laughter and players tend to come out of their shell as they become the characters whom they are portraying. Guests arrive for dinner looking like their character role with the facilitators supplying all the costumes, characters, scripts and clues. The fun begins as each person tries to prove their innocence by proving someone else at their table guilty.

The murder plot is played out over a meal. A “murder” is announced, and this becomes an excuse for the guests to enter a period, during which they tend to reveal fabrications, deceit and cover-ups. The murder mystery facilitator will walk the guests through the game and set the stage for the Murder Mystery theme. I highly recommend the murder mystery game for your next team building event, it is guaranteed to be a memorable experience filled with fun and laughter.

Murder Mystery Team Building


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