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Team Building for a Successful Workplace

The adage that a happy workplace is a busy workplace has been proven time and time again by some of the leading global companies, and innovative CEO’s have spent time and money ensuring that their employees are settled, relaxed and that they can relate well with their colleagues. A cohesive team that understands each other and is comfortable communicating and working alongside each other will be a much bigger asset to your business than a disgruntled group of individuals.

Team Building Activity
Team Building Activity

Building a Team

There are countless examples from around the world of where a close, well-knit team can outperform expectations and succeed in their line of work, and this is due to the power of teamwork and morale. Sport is a perfect example of this, where teams can defy the odds and exceed expectations due to having a strong team ethic and working well together. The same is true in the workplace, as an enthusiastic, motivated, and cohesive team can excel in anything they do. This is why building a team out of a group of individuals can be more valuable than anything else.

A recruitment agency can help to find an employee that is suitably qualified to join a workforce, but they will not perform to their maximum potential in an uncooperative team environment. Studies have shown that money spent on team building, improving the ergonomics and aesthetics of the work environment, and creating a positive workplace is recouped numerous times over in productivity. Google are a perfect example of this, as they are renowned for striving to create a happy working environment for their employees, and for ensuring that staff members are well acquainted with each other; results of which are clear to see. Google even provide employees with futuristic napping stations where employees can lighten the load and rejuvenate themselves with a power nap.

There are numerous different team building activities which can be undertaken, all of which are designed to bring out range of qualities and skills in people, and these qualities can translate into many different situations. Understanding the concepts behind team building events is essential to getting the most out of the experience as it can be tailored to the needs of your company. Taking a selection of individual workers and turning them into a team is what will help to propel your business forward and make it run much more efficiently. The first step towards building a strong team is improving communication and trust, whilst eliminating conflict and misconceptions.

Communication, Communication, Communication

Putting together a team of bright, intelligent, and knowledgeable individuals is sometimes not enough to get a productive workplace, and one of the major issues that occur time and time again is a lack of communication between colleagues. In any organization, be it small or large, communication is vital for the smooth running of a company. A restaurant will not work well if the waiters are not communicating with the chefs, in the same way that an accountant’s office will fall short if one department does not communicate with another effectively.  Taking people out of the workplace and getting them involved in activities that rely on good communication to succeed will improve the situation tremendously.

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Trust Building

One of the key components of team building is increasing the amount of trust that is held between workers. Although the activities carried out during training may be entirely unconnected to the workplace environment, the skills and lessons learned, and relationships formed during the process will have a positive effect on work. Increased trust between employees results in a greater amount of dependency which increases efficiency and productivity. Workplaces that have a lack of trust between employees are usually segregated and inefficient as this causes a barrier.

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Conflict Resolution

It is not uncommon for workplaces containing a wide variety of people to end up with personal, professional and emotional disputes, and this is often due to a lack of understanding between people. Taking workers away from their normal environment and getting them involved in different team building exercises can work wonders for improving relationships. With the pressure of the office out of their minds, and diversely stimulating activities to complete, social barriers are often lifted, and this translates well when back in the office.


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Minute to Win It Team Building Exercises

Minute to Win It Team Building Exercises

Minute to Win It is a popular game show where contestants take part in a series of 60-second challenges using objects that are commonly available around the house.  Minute to Win It  is also a fun team building activity for the office.

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Here are some of the challenges that the contestants are faced with when they compete in the Minute to Win It show.

A Bit Dicey – The contestant must stack six dice on a Popsicle stick held in their mouth and balance them for three seconds.

Baby Rattle – The contestant must transfer 274 gumballs from one two-liter bottle to the other by shaking them. This must be done with each of the two bottles held in both hands.

Bite Me – The contestant must grab different sized paper bags, in order from largest to smallest, in their mouth and place them on a table without using any body part except the feet for balance. The size of the bags goes down by increments of 5.1 cm.

Blow Ball – The contestant must blow 73 red Ping-Pong balls off of a large pizza platter without knocking off the three yellow Ping-Pong balls scattered in the mess of red Ping-Pong balls.

Booby Trap – The contestant must bounce a ping pong ball in an attempt to knock a potato chip can leaning diagonally on a glass bottle down so the chip can falls, containing the bottle inside the can. This must be done three out of five times.

Bottoms Up – The contestant must use a yo-yo attached to their back to knock over four or six empty soda cans on pedestals.

Bulb Balance – The contestant must balance two eggs upright on light bulbs using only one or two unopened packets of salt to stabilize the eggs.

By a Thread – The contestant must use one hand to run a piece of thread through the eye of ten needles, each one with a smaller eye than the previous.

Caddy Stack – The contestant must stack three golf balls on the table. The stack must remain in place for three seconds in order for the contestant to complete the challenge.

CD Dominoes – The contestant must line up 20 CD cases around a shot glass (or red sticker) in a way that, when one is blown over (or lightly tapped), all of them fall and the final case in the series falls into a bucket located next to the contestant.

Chop Stack – Using a pair of chopsticks, the contestant must stack four lip balm containers on top of each other. The tower must stay standing for three seconds in order to count.

Cappuccino – The contestant must drop a coffee cup on its side to land it in an upright position and then bounce a ping pong ball into the cup.

Defying Gravity – The contestant must keep three balloons in the air for 60 seconds, using any part of their body. The contestant fails the challenge if any of the balloons touch the ground, pop, or the contestant goes outside the circular part of the stage, also known as the 60-Second Circle. Dental

Dizzy Mummy – The contestant must unroll a toilet paper roll by executing 360-degree spins. Their fists must be closed at all times. The contestant fails the challenge if the toilet paper rips.

Egg Dance – The contestant must carry two eggs on inverted plates across the stage from one set of platforms to the other. The contestant fails the challenge if either egg drops.

Egg Roll – The contestant must fan two or three raw eggs with a pizza box into a pre-determined zone on the other side of the stage. The contestant fails the challenge if an egg rolls off the circular part of the stage or the egg cracks.

Fish Head – The blindfolded contestant must place a lampshade attached to a fishing pole on their head, and it must stay for three seconds.

Flying Gumball Saucers – The contestant must slide an upside-down Frisbee to knock over an inverted soda can with a Gumball in an attempt to land the gumball in the Frisbee. This must be done 5 out of 20

Give it a Whirl – The contestant must spin and transport three marbles in an upside-down wine glass from one stool to a small bowl on the other.

Hangnails – The contestant must hang six nails concurrently on a taut string.

Hoop De Loop – The contestant must roll hula hoop across the stage so that they come to rest surrounding a full two-liter soda bottle. There are seven bottles, and they must surround three. They must remain there for three seconds.

Human Burrito – The contestant must roll in five bed sheets and then unwrap from them. Level: 1

Iron Board Man – The contestants must work together to guide a marble down a metal ironing board with its legs extended and into one of three middle holes.

Junk in the Trunk – With an empty tissue box attached to their waist, the contestant must shake eight ping pong balls out of the box without using their hands.

Just Hang On – The contestant must balance 4 wire coat hangers by the tips of their hooks on a 1 mm thick nylon string. All the hangers must remain for three seconds to count.

Keep it Up – The contestant must keep two feathers in the air using only their breath for 60 seconds. The contestant fails the challenge if the feathers touch the body or the ground, or if the contestant goes out of the stage.

Magic Carpet Ride – The contestant must sit on and move a bath mat using the inchworm technique to navigate around three obstacles and back to the finish line.

Maze Craze – The contestant must maneuver a marble on top of a board through a maze consisting of rubber bands stretched around screws. If a marble falls off the board, the contestant may use a new one.

Nice Build – The contestants must work together to create a three-tiered tower using 15 reams of paper.

Nimble Thimble – Player must bounce a marble into each of six thimbles.

Nose Dive – The player must transfer five or six cotton balls, one at a time from one serving bowl to another using only petroleum jelly on the nose.

Office Tennis – The contestants must rally a crumbled up piece of paper back and forth using clipboards to land it in a trash can across the stage.

Paper Dragon – The contestant must unroll two rolls of party streamers with only their hands and arms.

Pink Elephant – The contestant must swing their head around in an attempt to retract a forehead mounted Slinky.

Pop Top – 48 bottle caps are placed on a round table top, and, using a single thumb, the contestant must flick one of these caps into a cup in the center of the table.

Rapid Fire – The contestant must shoot rubber bands to knock a triangle stack of six cans totally off a platform.

Roll With It – The contestant must un-spool two rolls of toilet paper at the same time. If the roll breaks, they pick it back up. They must use one hand for each roll.

Spare Me – The contestant must drop marbles down a pool noodle to knock over ten upright markers from 16 feet (4.9 m) away.

Spoon Frog – The contestant must use spoons to catapult three other spoons into glasses.

Stack Attack – The contestant must stack 36 cups in a pyramid form and then deconstruct it by sliding the cups down diagonally, and stacking the resulting piles into one giant stack, as it started in.

Tear It Up – The contestant must shoot rubber bands at a hanging roll of toilet paper with an empty soda can attached to the end, so that the toilet paper rips and the can falls to the floor.

Tuna Roll – The contestant must roll tuna cans around a two-by-four wood piece to knock over four inverted 2-liter soda bottles placed in a 2×2 formation.

Uphill Battle – The contestant must keep three marbles on a slanted table for 60 seconds using a back of a spoon. The contestant fails the challenge if any of the marbles falls off the table.

Worm Diving – The contestant, using a moist Gummy Worm as “bait”, must fish a pretzel out of a fishbowl full of them, bring the pretzel to their mouth, and eat the pretzel without using their hands or dropping the pretzel.

Yank Me – The contestant must place four cups upside down on a table, each cup with an index card over it. They must then yank out the index cards so that the cups collapse into a four cup stack. If it falls over, it may be restacked.

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Rip It Team Building Ice Breaker

Ice breakers are valuable resources to promote interaction, creative thinking, challenge assumptions, illustrate new concepts or to introduce a team building activity. Team building ice breakers also help to gather groups together and move forward as a team.  The team building ice breaker that we will be introducing today deals with communication and is called ‘Rip It’.

Team Building Ice Breaker

To begin the ice breaker, each participant is given an A4 piece of paper.  The participants are instructed to hold the sheet of paper in front of them and close their eyes. They are then told that they have to follow the directions given to them without opening their eyes or asking questions.

The participants are then given the following directions which need to be carried out without opening their eyes:

  • Fold paper in half
  • Rip off upper right-hand corner
  • Fold paper in half again
  • Rip off upper left hand corner
  • Fold paper in half again
  • Rip off lower right hand corner

Team building participants are told to open their eyes and unfold the paper to see the results. Although all of the participants received the same instructions, the results are usually vastly different to each other and to the team building facilitator’s paper.

To encourage interaction and thinking, participants can be asked why the papers do not match despite the fact that everybody received the same instructions. Some responses that can be expected are that the instructions were not clear enough, or it is because they could not ask questions. This could also lead into a discussion on how the same set of instructions can be interpreted in different ways.

This ice breaker is an excellent lead into team building activities addressing two-way communication. Over the next few months, TBAE will be sharing some more team building ice breakers.


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Successful Team Building Events

It is important to the success of your team building events that team building activities should be integrated with real-time goals in the workplace. Systematic workplace integration and follow-up processes need to be planned and established before team building events take place. Good feelings and positive outcomes need to last beyond the events.

Successful Team Building Events
Team Building Activities

The success of a team building event starts in the planning phase of the event. The team that will be planning the event needs to be carefully chosen, keeping in mind that they will be modeling how to work together as a team.

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Successful organizations incorporate annual team building events into the overall company structure. The cultural framework, philosophies, values and practices of an organization should be designed in such a way that it builds a concept of team and team work. In such a framework, team building events will produce supportive results in a group of people that already operate in a team environment.

Team building events should be building on a working system based on shared philosophies, purposes and mission. There should be a sound performance development program in place, encouraging the personal and professional growth of employees. Team building events are more successful in organizations where team work is already an integral part of the business and employee strategy.

Team building events are more successful in a work system in which team behavior is recognized and rewarded. Such a system creates an environment where employees work as a team to solve problems and improve processes. Company policies that are employee and employee-family friendly promote team spirit, and problems or failures do not result in a search for the guilty but for the problem or failure in the work system.

Plan team building events around a business purpose to which all can contribute. Companies should regularly demonstrate their commitment to building team unity, trust and morale otherwise negative results can result from team building events.

Team building events should give the team a clear sense of direction and include workable plans and solutions. Poorly planned and executed team building events, outside of the everyday work context, can result in disillusionment, low morale and negative motivation. Team building should not be a once off event but something that is an ongoing process within the organization.


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Benefits of Corporate Team Building Events

Team Building Exercises
Team Building Exercise

It is important for staff members of any organization to work as a team and divisions within a team will cause operations to slow down. A Successful team building event is often all that is required to unify and refresh staff members, leading to increased performance within the work place.

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Team Building Events Help Create Successful Companies

Researches into successful companies will more often than not reveal that there is a strong, happy and unified team behind the success. You will find team members working as a unit and willing to assist each other when the need arises. Through team building activities employees learn to depend on each other and work better as a unit. Working as a team leads to the improvement of operations, finishing projects on time and efficiently satisfying the requirements of clients.

Recruitment Costs Are Minimized Through Team Building

Organizations are constantly evolving requiring employees to consistently improve existing skills or acquire new skills. If current staff members are not willing, or motivated, to improve their skills, new staff will have to be recruited with the required skills. In terms of company expense it makes sound business sense therefor that existing staff members receive training in the required skills. It is good practice to provide training to the team as a whole so that all the members can stand for each other in absentia. An organization whose workers cannot assist each other will always have delayed outputs in case a member is late or not present. The expenditure is minimized in that the hiring of extra staff and training will be eliminated, after the existing workforce is trained on how to work as a team and in all the departments. Creation of harmony among the team members guarantees a happy workforce, which translates to balanced and timely realization of goals.

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Team Building Activities Shapes a Team

Organizing corporate team building activities for your company should be focused around what you aim to achieve with the event. When team building activities have strong correlation to everyday challenges faced in the real working environment, lessons learned in the activities are remembered longer and more readily applied to everyday work situations.

Although team building events can be arranged in house, there are many advantages to hiring professional team building coordinators to organize the event. Team building facilitators have the required equipment and expert knowledge to facilitate sucessful team building activities.  Having a facilitator for your event will ensure that all the team members can participate in the team building activities.

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