Team Building for a Successful Workplace

The adage that a happy workplace is a busy workplace has been proven time and time again by some of the leading global companies, and innovative CEO’s have spent time and money ensuring that their employees are settled, relaxed and that they can relate well with their colleagues. A cohesive team that understands each other and is comfortable communicating and working alongside each other will be a much bigger asset to your business than a disgruntled group of individuals.

Team Building Activity
Team Building Activity

Building a Team

There are countless examples from around the world of where a close, well-knit team can outperform expectations and succeed in their line of work, and this is due to the power of teamwork and morale. Sport is a perfect example of this, where teams can defy the odds and exceed expectations due to having a strong team ethic and working well together. The same is true in the workplace, as an enthusiastic, motivated, and cohesive team can excel in anything they do. This is why building a team out of a group of individuals can be more valuable than anything else.

A recruitment agency can help to find an employee that is suitably qualified to join a workforce, but they will not perform to their maximum potential in an uncooperative team environment. Studies have shown that money spent on team building, improving the ergonomics and aesthetics of the work environment, and creating a positive workplace is recouped numerous times over in productivity. Google are a perfect example of this, as they are renowned for striving to create a happy working environment for their employees, and for ensuring that staff members are well acquainted with each other; results of which are clear to see. Google even provide employees with futuristic napping stations where employees can lighten the load and rejuvenate themselves with a power nap.

There are numerous different team building activities which can be undertaken, all of which are designed to bring out range of qualities and skills in people, and these qualities can translate into many different situations. Understanding the concepts behind team building events is essential to getting the most out of the experience as it can be tailored to the needs of your company. Taking a selection of individual workers and turning them into a team is what will help to propel your business forward and make it run much more efficiently. The first step towards building a strong team is improving communication and trust, whilst eliminating conflict and misconceptions.

Communication, Communication, Communication

Putting together a team of bright, intelligent, and knowledgeable individuals is sometimes not enough to get a productive workplace, and one of the major issues that occur time and time again is a lack of communication between colleagues. In any organization, be it small or large, communication is vital for the smooth running of a company. A restaurant will not work well if the waiters are not communicating with the chefs, in the same way that an accountant’s office will fall short if one department does not communicate with another effectively.  Taking people out of the workplace and getting them involved in activities that rely on good communication to succeed will improve the situation tremendously.

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Trust Building

One of the key components of team building is increasing the amount of trust that is held between workers. Although the activities carried out during training may be entirely unconnected to the workplace environment, the skills and lessons learned, and relationships formed during the process will have a positive effect on work. Increased trust between employees results in a greater amount of dependency which increases efficiency and productivity. Workplaces that have a lack of trust between employees are usually segregated and inefficient as this causes a barrier.

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Conflict Resolution

It is not uncommon for workplaces containing a wide variety of people to end up with personal, professional and emotional disputes, and this is often due to a lack of understanding between people. Taking workers away from their normal environment and getting them involved in different team building exercises can work wonders for improving relationships. With the pressure of the office out of their minds, and diversely stimulating activities to complete, social barriers are often lifted, and this translates well when back in the office.


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