The Importance of Character for Team Leaders

The Importance of Character for Team Leaders

As a leader at home, at work or in the community, character is your most important asset. Character determines how a team leader deals with the circumstance of life. Whenever a team leader encounter’s a crisis, the character of the leader is revealed. There are two primary responses when adversity hits; the leader can either respond through character or compromise. Every time character is chosen the leader becomes stronger, even when the choice has negative consequences. Developing your character is at the heart of developing not only as a leader but also as a person.

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Character is Action not Just Talk

A team leader’s actions are the real indication of character. Character determines who you are, and who you are determines what you see and what you see determines what you do. The character of a leader cannot be separated from the leader’s actions. When the leader’s intentions are not consistently lining up with their actions, you only need to look at the character of the leader to find out why.

Character is a Choice

There are many things that we cannot control in our lives such as where we are born and what talents we receive. But character is something we can choose. Character is created every time we make the choice to see something through, choose the truth over the lie, refuse the easy money and pay the price. You are creating your character every day as you live life and make choices.

Character Brings Lasting Success with People

True leadership always involves other people. You cannot be a team leader if you do not have a team that is following you. Followers do not trust leaders with flawed characters and will not continue to follow team leaders that they do not trust.

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Team Leaders Cannot Rise Above the Limitations of Their Character

Highly talented people often fall apart when they reach a measure of success due to their weak character. Team leaders need the foundation of character to get them through stressors related to achievement. The price to pay for weak character includes arrogance, feelings of aloneness, destructive adventure-seeking or adultery.

How Team Leaders Can Improve Their Character

  1. Search for the cracks. As a leader, you should take time to look at the major areas of your life. Identify where you may have cut corners, compromise or let people down. Write all the instances that you can recall from the last two months.
  2. Look for patterns. Examine all the instances you wrote down. Identify areas of weakness or problems that keep surfacing. Detecting patterns will help diagnose any character issues that need addressing.
  3. Face the music. Character building and repairing can begin when you face your flaws, make apologies where necessary and deal with the consequences of your actions. You may need to make a list of people to whom you need to apologize. Ensure that you follow through with sincere apologies.
  4. Not only must you face up to past actions but you have to build a new future. Create a plan that will prevent you making same mistakes.


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