The Importance of Commitment in Teamwork

The Importance of Commitment in Teamwork


People often have a tendency to associate commitment with emotions. They will follow through on something if they feel right about it. Real commitment is not based on emotions but is a character quality that helps you reach your goals. Where emotions changes and go up and down, commitment has to remain solid. A solid team is made up out of team members with a solid commitment to the team.

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Commitment is Discovered in Adversity

You find out how committed the members of your team are when the team faces adversity. Struggles often strengthen a team’s resolve. Adversity promotes commitment and commitment in turn, promotes hard work. The more work a team puts into a project, the less likely they are to give up. Committed team members do not give up easily.

Commitment is not Dependent on Gifts or Abilities

Commitment does not automatically come with talent. You have to connect your gifts and abilities with commitment. Too many highly talent individuals squander their potential because they do not commit. Team members do not always underperform because they lack ability or opportunity, but because they are not using what they already have. If you commit to using the talent you already have, you will find that you have more talent and more to offer the team.

Commitment is a Choice

Whatever the conditions may be, commitment is always a matter of choice. Your conditions do not determine your choices; your choices determine your conditions. When you choose to be committed, you increase the chances of you and your team being successful.

Commitment Lasts When it is Based on Values

It is one thing to commit to something; it is another to remain committed. What do you base your commitment on? Choices based on solid life values place you in a better position to sustain your level of commitment. A commitment to something you belief in, is a commitment that is easier to keep.

How to Improve Your Level of Commitment

  • Tie Your Commitment to Your Values: Take time to reflect on your values. Your values are closely related to your ability to fulfill your commitments. Reevaluate commitments not related to your values and commit yourself to those values that you are not living out.
  • Take Risks: Commitment involves risk. You may fail or your team members may let you down. Give your best anyway, you will not regret it.
  • Evaluate the Commitment of Other Team Members: You cannot make a commitment to an uncommitted team member and expect a commitment from them. Examine your relationship to see if your reluctance to commit is due to the potential recipient being untrustworthy.

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