The Importance of Dependability in Teamwork

The Importance of Dependability in Teamwork


Dependability in team members is essential to the success of any team. Everybody in the team knows which of the team members are not dependable. Conversely, everyone on the team knows which team members they can rely on.

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Qualities of Dependable Team Members

  • Pure Motives: When it comes to teamwork, the motives of the team members matter greatly. As team leader, you need to keep your motives right and encourage your team members to do the same. Undependable team members are usually those who place themselves and their agendas ahead of what is best for the team.
  • Responsibility: Dependable team members have a strong sense of responsibility. While motivation refers to why people are dependable, responsibility indicates that a team member wants to be dependable.
  • Sound Thinking: To be of real value to the team, dependable team members are not only willing to take responsibility but they also exercise sound judgment.
  • Consistent Contribution: A dependable team member is a consistent team member. If you cannot depend on a team member all of the time, you cannot depend on them any of the time. Consistency is more than talent. Consistency requires depth of character which enables a team member to follow through no matter the circumstances.

How to Be a More Dependable Team Member

  • Check your motives. Commit your goals to paper and consider how many of them benefit the teams that you are part of or only benefit you. Spend some time aligning your personal priorities with those of your team.
  • Discover what your word is worth. Ask other team members to rate you out of ten on your reliability. If they rate you lower than ten or nine, you may need to write down your commitments as you make them from that day forward and track your follow through for at least one month.
  • Find someone on your team to hold you accountable. You are more likely to develop dependability if you have a partner to help you. Find someone you respect to help you keep your commitments.

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