The Importance of Enthusiasm in Teamwork

The Importance of Enthusiasm in Teamwork


When it comes to teamwork, there is no substitute for enthusiasm. When the members of a team are enthusiastic, the whole team becomes highly energized. While apathy increases excuses in the team, enthusiasm increases the accomplishments of the team.

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Characteristics of team members with an enthusiastic attitude to teamwork

  1. They take responsibility for their own enthusiasm.
    Winning teams are made up out of team members that know that an enthusiastic attitude is a choice. Waiting for external forces to spark your enthusiasm will always place you at other people’s mercy. Positive team members are positive because they choose to be. If you want to be a positive person, you will have to take the responsibility for being that way.
  2. They act their way into feeling enthusiastic.
    You cannot win at anything in life if you do not begin. You cannot break the cycle of apathy by waiting to feel like doing something. You have to act your way into feeling enthusiastic. Do not wait for the right motivation to get you going but take action no matter how small or insignificant the action If you want to be enthusiastic, then start acting that way. If you are waiting first to feel enthusiastic, you are likely never to become enthusiastic.
  3. They spend time with enthusiastic people.
    You can increase your enthusiasm just by hanging around enthusiastic Enthusiasm is contagious. Put a whole team of enthusiastic people together, and the possibilities for that team are endless.
  4. They believe in what they do.
    One of the best ways to increase your enthusiasm towards your work is to think about all the positive aspects of your work. Believing in what you are doing and focusing on the positive aspects will help you act and speak positively about what you are doing. Thinking positively about your work will spark the flame; you just need to keep the fire going.

Three Ways to Improve Your Enthusiasm

  1. Show a sense of urgency. Stir up your enthusiasm by doing your tasks with greater urgency. Identify a project that you are less enthusiastic about and set challenging deadlines in which to complete the tasks of the project. Challenging yourself in this way will help you to be more focused and energized.
  2. Be willing to do more. You can effectively demonstrate your enthusiasm to your team members by being willing to do more than is expected of you. When you do more than what someone asks you to do, it will impact the team’s atmosphere in a positive manner.
  3. Strive for excellence. The best way to prepare for future good work is to do good work today. Doing a job well breeds enthusiasm. If you have allowed your work standards to drop, redouble your effort to do things to the highest level of excellence.

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