The Importance of Self-Discipline for Team Leaders

The Importance of Self-Discipline for Team Leaders

If you know you have leadership ability but have experienced little in terms of concrete results, you may lack self-discipline. No team leader can achieve and sustain success without self-discipline. Your gifts will never reach their maximum potential without the application of self-discipline. It positions the leader at their highest level and is a crucial key to leadership that last.

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Develop and Follow Your Priorities

As a team leader, you will never be successful by doing what you must only when you are in the mood or when it is convenient. If this is your attitude, your team will not follow you nor respect you. Determine your top priorities and release yourself from everything else. This makes it easier to follow through on your goals and is the essence of self-discipline.

Make a Disciplined Lifestyle Your Goal

To be successful as a team leader, you need to realize that self-discipline cannot be a one-time event. It has to become your lifestyle. One of the best ways to develop a lifestyle of self-discipline is to develop systems and routines. These should especially focus on the areas crucial to your long-term growth and success.

Challenge Your Excuses

To develop self-discipline, one of your first tasks is to challenge and eliminate any tendency to make excuses. Confront yourself with the fact that your reasons for not being self-disciplined are nothing but a bunch of excuses. If you want to go to next level in your leadership, you are going to have to challenge every excuse.

Stay Focused on Results

If you concentrate too much on how difficult the task is instead of the rewards or results, you can become discouraged. Focusing on how difficult something is will develop self-pity instead of self-discipline.

How Team Leaders Can Improve Their Self-Discipline

Establish Your Priorities. Write down the two or three areas of your life that are most important to you. Alongside them write down the disciplines you need to develop to keep growing and improving in those areas. Develop a plan to make those disciplines a daily or weekly part of your life.

List the Benefits of Self-Discipline. Write down the benefits of practicing the disciplines you listed. Post them where you can see them every day. Reread the list of benefits every time you are tempted to quit.

Eliminate the Excuses. Write down any reasons why you might not be able to follow through. Dismiss them for the excuses that they are. Even if the reasons seem legitimate, challenge yourself to find solutions to overcome it.


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