The Importance of Tenacity in Teamwork

The Importance of Tenacity in Teamwork


As a team member, how tenacious are you? Do you keep on trying when the rest of the team wants to give up? If you find that you sometimes give up before your other team members, it is time to work on increasing your tenacity. Having team members that are tenacious is crucial to the success of a team. A team member may lack in talent but with a tenacious spirit they will always contribute to the success of the team.

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Qualities of Tenacious Team Members

  1. They give all they have, not more than they have. Often team members lack tenacity because they think tenacity will demand more from them than they have to give. Having tenacity requires that you only give 100%, not more but not less either. When you give your all, you give you and your team every possible opportunity for success.
  2. They work with determination and do not wait for destiny. A tenacious team member does not depend on luck, fate or destiny. They keep working hard even when circumstances are difficult. Just because times get trying, it does not mean you should quit trying.
  3. They stop when the job is done, not when they are tired. A team member with tenacity pushes beyond what they think they can do to find out what they are really capable of doing. The tenacious team member hangs on until the job is finished.

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How to Become a More Tenacious Team Member

  • Work Harder and/or Smarter. Tenacious team members are not clock watchers that never work beyond quitting time. They put in extra time before and after work hours as well as spending time planning to make their hours more efficient.
  • Stand for Something. To succeed in life, absolute integrity and understanding of your life purpose is essential. Tenacious team members make it a habit of evaluating how their day to day work relates to their overall purpose.
  • Create Some Friendly Competition. Our competitive nature feeds tenacity, and this can be harnessed by making work a game.  Find others in the team with similar goals to yours and create friendly competition to motivate them and you.

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