The Importance of Vision for Team Leaders

The Importance of Vision for Team Leaders

Vision is essential to the success of all team leaders. The vision paints the target for the team and leads the leader. It fuels the fire of the leader’s passion and draws the leader forward. Leaders without vision cannot go anywhere.

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Vision Starts Within The Leader

Vision is not something you can buy or borrow. Vision has to come from within. If you lack vision in your leadership, look within and draw on you natural gifts and desires. If you still do not sense a vision of your own, look to partner with a leader whose vision resonates with you.

Vision Draws On Your Past

Vision is not something that just magically appears out of nothing. Vision grows from the past of the leader and the history of those people that surround them. You are likely to find that all successful leaders have key events in their past that were instrumental in the creation of their vision.

Vision Meets The Needs Of Others

True vision will go beyond what one individual can accomplish. A big vision does more than just include others, it adds value to them. A vision that does not serve others is likely too small.

Vision Helps You Gather Resources

Vision acts like a magnet to attract resources. Your vision will attract, challenge and unite people. It will also rally finances and other resources that the vision requires. The greater the vision, the more winners it has the potential of attracting. The more challenging the vision, the harder the team will fight to achieve this.

The Voices of Vision

The Inner Voice. Vision should always start from within. What stirs your heart, what do you dream about? You will not be able to accomplish a vision that does not come from a deep desire within yourself. It needs to be based on who you are and what you believe.

The Unhappy Voice. Experiencing or noticing what does not work, is often the inspiration for great ideas. A discontentment with how things are currently can be excellent breeding ground for birthing a vision.

The Successful Voice. Great things are never accomplished alone. A big vision needs a big team to accomplish it. To grow as a leader, you need advice from someone ahead of you in the leadership journey. You need a mentor if you intend to lead others to greatness.

How Team Leaders Can Improve Their Vision

Measure Yourself. If you have previously written down a vision for yourself, measure how well you are carrying it out. Speak to key people close to you and ask them what they think is your vision. If they can articulate it, then it is likely that you are living out your vision.

Write Down Your Vision. If you have only previously thought about your vision but never wrote it down, take the time to write it down today. Writing helps to clarify your thinking. After writing it down, evaluate your vision and decide if it is worthy of your life’s best, and then pursue it with all you got.


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