The Ultimate Event Planning Checklist

Event Planning Checklist

Hosting a successful event can seem daunting and requires a lot of planning. To help you with your event planning, we have put together the following checklist.

Planning the Event

  1. Determine the event topic.
  2. Finalize a date.
  3. Set goals for the event.
  4. Create a budget.
  5. Select and finalize host/speakers.
  6. Brainstorm & finalize a hashtag for the event.
  7. Find & finalize a venue for the event.

Final Preparations

Make arrangements for event resources:

  1. Food/Drinks
  2. Computers/Projectors/Microphones
  3. Badges or ID Stickers

Create emails to send to prospective registrants and attendees:

  1. Invitation
  2. Reminder
  3. Second Reminder
  4. (Day of) Follow Ups

Invite guests!

Promote your event.

Day of the Event

  1. Arrive early to event space Double check to make sure you have everything you need in terms of refreshments, technology, and support materials.
  2. Post to social media using your hashtag, before and during the event.
  3. Prepare an icebreaker game.
  4. Send out day-of reminder email to all registrants.
  5. Record the event using photo & video to include in post- event promotion.
  6. If the meetup will occur on a regular basis, inform the attendees of the next meeting date.


  1. Send out follow up emails. Send an email to all the attendees, thanking them for coming, and a separate “Sorry We Missed You” email to registrants who did not attend.
  2. Write a blog post recapping the event. Be sure to use the video and photos you took during the event.
  3. Send out post-event survey to all attendees.
  4. Revisit your goals & do post-event evaluation.


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