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Charity Team Building Activities

One of the best ways to build a team and bring a team together is to help them help others. Charity team building activities give back to the community and teach your team the skills needed to function as a high-performing  team. These activities will enable the participants to discover the significance of engaging their hearts in their work together. Team members complete challenges and overcome obstacles together in order to earn or create items for the giveback recipients. We facilitate a wide variety of charity team building activities in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban.

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Build a Bike Charity Team Building ActivityBuild a Bike Charity Team Building Activity

The Build a Bike Charity Team Building Activity will see your team pool their resources together to build bicycles, knowing they will put a smile on a child’s face. Most people remember riding bikes as children and it is this common sentiment that enables teams to immediately sync with the purpose of this charitable team building activity. This Build a Bike activity is not your typical bicycle building team event. TBAE will ensure that your team not only connect with children in the local community, but that they also end the day with some tangible, workplace-ready team building skills...

Build a Wagon Charity Team Building ActivityBuild a Wagon Charity Team Building Activity
Little wagons represent childhood dreams and adventure for most of us. Even if you never had one as a child, you know these enduring symbols of childhood inspire excitement and imagination of anyone who sees them. That is the spirit of the Build a Wagon charity team building activity. Your team will be building little wagons for local children or families. It is a message of hope, one which will bring your team together as they experience the bonding effects of working together for a good cause. This charity team building activity is designed to not only bond your team together, as they work to fulfil corporate social responsibility initiatives but also learn valuable skills for the workplace...

Donate a Meal Charity Team Building Activity Donate a Meal Charity Team Building Activity
The Donate a Meal charity team building activity puts social responsibility front and center, giving your team the chance to make a difference in their community by helping put meals on the plates of those who need them the most.In the Donate a Meal team building activity, teams work through a series of challenging experiential learning activities to earn points. The more points they earn, the bigger their donation will be. To earn points teams must overcome obstacles, solve problems, and work collaboratively by exhibiting their best communication skills to achieve the goals given them...

Mission for the Kids Charity Team Building ActivityMission for the Kids Charity Team Building Activity

The Mission for the Kids charity team building activity combines the positive effects of a team building event with a charitable cause. In this activity your team will connect with students in your community as you help them prepare for school as well as connecting with their fellow team members while they learn valuable team building skills. The Mission for the Kids team building activity is fun, challenging, and it has direct implications for positive change in the work place. The Mission for the Kids activity features hands-on activities, group-focused goals and lots of laughter. The desired outcome of the activity is that it will give participants the opportunity to grow, learn, practice new skills, and generally better themselves as individuals and as team members...

Putt Putt Charity Team Building ActivityPutt Putt Pantry Charity Team Building Activity
The Putt Putt Pantry charity team building activity is a perfect blend of charitable aspects and challenging skill development activities carried out in an enjoyable, stress-free environment. It is everything your team needs to make serious inroads towards positive change. Putt Putt Pantry brings teams together to envision, create, organize and carry out a group project whose result will be donations of non-perishable food items...

Wagging Tails Charity Team Building ActivityWagging Tails Charity Team Building Activity
The Wagging Tails activity is a team building event that benefits both animals and your team. Pets can change the lives of anyone for the better - so why not make your next team building event something that supports pet adoption. Our Wagging Tails charity team building activity helps you give much-needed items to local pet shelters, to help the adoption process. When you book a Wagging Tails team building activity you are investing in the strength of your team, connections with your community, and of course you are helping individuals who find the upfront costs of pet adoption to be an obstacle...

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