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Team Building Events facilitated for ARPM Consulting by TBAE

ARPM Consulting Team Building
ARPM Consulting CC’s mission is to become the leading  independent pallet management service company in South Africa and abroad by combining technology with industry-leading customer service. We strive to stand above the competition by consistently providing an exceptional service in a timely and affordable manner to our customers, working in an environment that emphasize on responsiveness and  integrity while promoting long-term, seamless partnerships based on mutual respect. ARPM’s services are tailored to meet the specific and ever-changing legislation facing our customers and have a vested interest in minimizing your costs.

Some of the Team Building Events facilitated for ARPM Consulting

ARPM Consulting Amazing Race Team Building Cape TownARPM Consulting Amazing Race Team Building Event at Welgelee Wine Estate in Stellenbosch
Welgelee Wine Estate provided an ideal venue for this Walk on the Wild Side Amazing Race team building event for ARPM Consulting. Teams were required to use the clues provided to take selfies at selected landmarks as well as obtain certain objects. Some of the team building exercises used in this event were The Unknown Route, Marble Run, Blindfolded Collection, Lava Flow, Catty Shooting and Pendulum Walk


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